Industrial Cellular Router USR-G806

USR-G806-E/USR-G806-AU is a industrial cellular router which provides a solution for users to connect own device to 4G network via WiFi interface or Ethernet interface.

USR-G806-E/USR-G806-AU adopts high performance embedded CPU which can support 580MHz working frequency and can be widely used in Smart Grid, Smart Home etc.

USR-G806 supports various functions such as APN card, VPN, WIFIDOG, flow control and has many advantages including high reliability, simple operation, reasonable price. 

USR-G806-E/USR-G806-AU supports WAN interface, LAN interface, WLAN interface, 4G interface. USR-G806 provides various networking mode to help user establish own network.


Wireless parameters of cellular router USR-G806-E/USR-G806-AU



Transmitting power

TD-LTE +23dBm(Power class 3)
FDD-LTE +23dBm(Power class 3)
WCDMA +23dBm(Power class 3)
TD-SCDMA +24dBm(Power class 2)
GSM Band8 +33dBm(Power class 4)
GSM Band3 +30dBm(Power class 1)

cellular router usr-g806-e