Industrial Wireless Device Server is a new challenge

With the rise and expansion of mobile and remote applications, the concept of things, industrial wireless communication billion size of the market in recent years can be described as the highlights are frequent. Although no longer difficult, but as a typical project-based market, fragmented application easy to large-scale replication, it can not support the market order of overflights.

Emerging markets growth accelerated emergence application

Industrial wireless communications network equipment containing WAN and LAN equipment equipment. Currently, the wireless WAN device manufacturers less and less in industrial applications, so industrial wireless communications network equipment mainly refers to the LAN device.

Wireless communications network equipment was born in 1971. Currently, industrial wireless communications network equipment has been used in foreign countries mature, but in China is still in the product introduction phase. Mainly due to higher prices of industrial wireless communications network equipment, and the reliability of the device is lower than a wired device, data loss have occurred. However, it is difficult to lay communications cables mobile devices and remote communication occasions, industrial wireless communications network equipment prospects.

2013, Chinese industrial wireless communications, wifi serial server equipment overall market size of about 100 million yuan, an increase of about 10%. Among them, the wireless AP equipment accounted for 85% of overall market share, other wireless controllers, wireless serial servers and other equipment. Industrial wireless communication network equipment is mainly used in logistics, automobile manufacturing, subway PIS, ports, intelligent transportation and other industries.

Warehousing and logistics industry is the largest industrial wireless communications network equipment applications industry, 30% of the total market. Large-scale manufacturing enterprises, since the warehouse storage capacity, high density and narrow aisle, there is generally electrical equipment field wiring complexity and ongoing maintenance into higher phenomenon. Simplicity advantages of industrial wireless communications network equipment installation and maintenance, warehousing and logistics industry in more applicability. With the logistics industry increasing degree of automation, industrial wireless communications network equipment demand for space is huge. Currently, industrial wireless communications network equipment primarily used in the logistics industry AGV car, transportation machinery and other equipment. The AGV is equipped with a wireless AP can carry cargo car traveling along the path set, and communications and information feedback to the communication station.

Automobile factory environment is more complex, usually slip speed lines to transmit signals between the wired PLC, in order to prevent accidents caused by the cable wear, require regular monthly slip ring to stop cleaning, which to some extent, increased production and maintenance costs. With labor costs and increasing levels of industrial automation, industrial wireless communications network equipment in the automotive manufacturing industry will show its mettle.

Metro PIS system is an industrial wireless communications network equipment industry’s third-largest application, 20% of the total market. Need fast moving subway train, the signal control system is demanding, and difficult to lay cables. PIS systems and equipment reliability, ruggedness, high security requirements. With the rapid development of China’s accelerated urbanization and rail transportation, industrial wireless communications network equipment in the subway industry outlook is excellent.

Ports and intelligent transportation wifi serial server also larger applications industries. In the remote monitoring system, the vast territory, the remote installation point difficult to connect with the cable, and the cable is easy to aging and difficult to maintain. In this case, the application of wireless communications network equipment to achieve real-time video transmission to remote monitoring sections and regions to achieve manager remote command, scheduling transportation unusual events, can minimize the losses caused by the incident. With the gradual improvement of infrastructure, highways, safe urban demand for industrial wireless communications network equipment giant.

gongkong expected in the next few years, wireless communications network equipment industry will maintain growth of about 15 percent, the market prospect is broad.

Five leading industry technology trends

2014 new comb, we found industrial wireless communication products development has the following five trends:

Broadband direction. Wireless communication technology will advance towards the direction of broadband wireless access.

Information personal direction. Personal information has become one of the main future development of information industry, mobile IP technology means this is the means and ways to promote the development of personalized information. Whenever and wherever, people will be able freely to using a mobile phone factory, production line, management systems, machine remote control, this is the future hope to achieve highly intelligent digital factory.

Safety and reliability. Whether wireless communications technology development and to what extent, security and reliability are its development of the “baseline”, especially after the “Snowden” event, communications security has been elevated to a new height.

Core network integration, diversification of access networks. Future information network structure towards the core network and access network, the direction of change, will gradually promote and implement network packet and broadband, and to achieve a variety of business information on the same core integrated transport network in the near future to facilitate the Information interoperability.

Change the structure of the wireless communications technology. Change of reflected in efficient spectrum access, mainly using wireless communications major technical capacity, high efficiency, increase the spectrum of wireless communications technology, wireless communication technology and thus improve the efficiency of use between mobile operators for users provide more efficient service.