Internet era, people search data; the era of things, people find data

“Internet era, people search data; the era of things, the data to find the people.” Internet era, people actively searching for data (information); the era of things, people want data (service) to find independent people, and this is the charm of Things .

Future, your hobbies, growth, income, consumption, friends, relationships and life, there is a place called Big Data people know that they know you, they are even better than you know yourself, they know what you need, do not need anything.

Speak one example, is about a pair for a married couple, big data through their daily behavior is determined they may be about to get married, they put this data tells enterprise, you may receive a wedding, house, furniture, household appliances and honeymoon information, even you in a dream, they have this advertising pushed to you, and you indeed need.

Data is the foundation of service in the future, do the data collection, analysis, integration and use of the data will be successful targeted use of lead point of Things era. The use of that service.

Smart home, networking and development of the most fiery of the industry, whether it is the mobile phone manufacturers Huawei millet Lenovo Samsung, or traditional home appliance manufacturer Midea Gree Changhong Glanz TCL, also, or Internet companies BAT music as Jingdong 360 both have released their own strategy in the smart home, a time, intelligent home again into the cusp. In this great outlet, which pigs can not fly very far, because the outlet would not have been the wind, in order to avoid his death, itself, there should be the ability to fly and safe landing capabilities. Smart home, no one can be a good landing, this is the smart home situation.

Smart Home is thunder, little rain, many enterprises in the concept of war to fight, walking a fine line, their fiddle, there is no uniform industry standard, so the current smart home development is slow. Many smart home products, is to networking and networking, in order to control and control, basically through mobile phones and other client remote control lights, curtains, TV, stereo, perturbation of the first class, which is automated, not intelligent in concept. The real intelligence is in the next article to understand human needs and human needs but also for autonomous operation, it was smart.

Internet era, there is the Internet thinking, and the era of things, there must be thinking of things, personal understanding of things thinking means any goods have their own thoughts and logic, can think independently, analyze and process data, which is not only the communication of data between devices further including service data.

Personally think that in the future, smart home business, selling services, not just hardware. Services, not just hardware, but to serve people. At present, companies selling hardware products, can instantly make money, selling services, short-term can not earn money, but it earned value and worth. Smart home selling services, such as:

1, in addition to home TV to tell people look long and your eyes should temporarily leave the rest, but also give people a push useful services such as weather, traffic, shopping and other daily services.

2, home refrigerator in addition to independent purchase of food and give people recommend healthy recipes, it can give people a push of some fresh food supermarkets or discount promotions such information.

3, the washing machine at home should not only be able to identify which is suitable for machine washing clothes, it can also be linked to the dry cleaners washing machine is not suitable for sending dry cleaner, it can also push the new clothes and Discount stores such information to the user .

4, home air conditioning is not only able to sense the presence of people turned on or off, it is also able to monitor the person’s physical condition and the optimum temperature adjustment or temperature to give a suggestion; also, air conditioning manufacturers learned through service platform owners of air conditioning needs to be cleaned and to push owners cleaning service information.

5, home appliances such as televisions, rice cookers, air conditioners, light bulbs, washing machines, etc., such as failure, intelligent home system that is able to detect the fault, it will inform the owners, and will notify the manufacturer for home repair services.

The era of things, not only is the data for the smart home hardware and software services, is more human services. Smart home business do not just build the hardware and software development, but also the value of mining services behind. In the future, the real smart home business, is to do the smart home services business.