Internet + lighting, are you ready?

With the continuous development of mobile terminals, networking, big data and cloud computing technologies, holding a large data flow and huge resources of Internet companies in recent years, frequently seek to cross-lighting industry, traditional business enterprises in order to seek a breakthrough on , integration with the Internet also need to increase the competitiveness of enterprises.

May 2015, GE teamed Apple Qualcomm reached the networked lighting equipment market, interest in the use of digital technology and the market for large data driven recovery lighting business.

In mid-February 2016, the global IT giant Cisco and Cree Release Smartcast Power over Ethernet Intelligent Lighting Platform, sights of Things market; and before that, Cisco has established a global partnership with Philips to create the market value of up to € 1 billion global office lighting market.

March 15, 2016, Philips hand BT Vodafone (Vodafone), the implementation of intelligent remote control lights.

March 18, 2016, things lighting platform providers Gooee cooperation with EnOcean, mesh together to create Bluetooth intelligent lighting control system.

April 26, 2016, GE’s Current company spent one hundred million Australian dollars in the acquisition of wireless communications, smart lighting industry well-known manufacturers Daintree Networks, has become this decade’s most generous private sales transactions Australian tech business assets.

Internet companies + lighting companies, not cross-border cooperation, companies say that they are embarrassed to enter the wisdom lighting.

Why did they come cross-border?

As a smart lighting network more ferocious cross-border dig dreamer, the voices of millet is quite real. Lighting can be said that most things close to the user, one of the most basic applications, large-scale, high frequency of use is an important part of the smart home, smart city, in recent years an increasing number of traditional and non-traditional companies targeting the lighting industry.

Millet I did not do lighting, but we understand lighting is part of the smart home, so we ecosystem through cooperation and investment and lighting companies, hoping to promote joint research and intelligent lighting industry.

In the field of public lighting, the integration of networking technology with the traditional lighting of the industry in optimizing the allocation of resources, there are obvious advantages to provide secondary energy saving lighting direction.

“With the development of modern science and technology, public lighting electricity consumption growing to become the largest power units in the promotion of the national energy policy, green electricity, green building smart city, a top priority for sustainable development. Therefore, wisdom street lighting system requires higher and higher. ”

“Wisdom management, which requires significantly improve street lighting system energy efficiency, reduce labor and administrative expenses, while wisdom lights and things, the integration of visible light communication technology, is to expand the wisdom of modern street system applications.” Sales director Risecomm Zhao Feng opinion, provide networking opportunities for lighting “flex its muscles”, while the size of the space that they use to play capability. Traditional lighting companies do not lose themselves in the cross-border integration.

Current wisdom is required illumination time?

Now all kinds of intelligent lighting endless, and the most common approach is to be app, device and mobile phone together, the phone side by app to view the status of the device, or to control the device. The smart way to achieve the most common. Affected equipment manufacturers will produce a state of mind, that all the wisdom of lighting products and mobile phones must be connected, then the phone will naturally become the best carrier intelligent control.

With interoperability between intelligent devices data, things become less dependent on a single entrance, it is conceivable in the future there will be more intelligent devices to achieve data sharing, there will be more intelligent devices open API to other manufacturers , which prompted data fusion trend will become increasingly evident, the end result is the intelligent control system to the center, possibly from the system to access a device to another device. Smartphones may not fully bear the whole wisdom of lighting systems, lighting manufacturers can understand this trend is bound to provide more ideas for future product development.

Of course, this is just which lists one of the so-called “intelligent” Strong added products, thinking to seize the user pain points, not knowing that the market does not pay. The era of things, integrated systems need to really convenient for consumers. For lighting purposes, blindly emphasized intelligence, ignoring the real needs of users will certainly be abandoned by the networking industry chain.

Admittedly, the “Internet +” has become an outlet, the Chinese economy would take off again. By the wind, up in the wind, standing on the air is very important, Lei Jun said, “Stand outlet when pigs fly,” then stood “Internet +” lighting industry will air on homeopathy and “fly” it?

Clearly, the Internet + lighting companies also need a better understanding of fear and attempt failed, and with a relatively high power to the world’s leading Internet acceleration relatively backward industry efficiency, quality, innovation, cooperation and upgrade marketing capabilities, in order overcome difficulties and achieve the lighting industry of Internet.