Internet of Things to benefit, sustained high growth in the next five years senso

Global networking market is expected to reach $ 11 trillion in 2025, the sensor market scale will be several billions of dollars. What sensors are? Why all the traditional industries are caught in time of recession, it sprung up everywhere?

Internet of Things sensor is one of the three layers in the hierarchy of perception an important part, is the basis and premise of Internet of Things to achieve. With the wisdom of urban construction, the rapid development of large data and networking applications increasingly widespread, most front-end equipment sensor main source of this data showing a rapid development trend.

Average annual growth rate of 15%

Sensor has been applied to human social life, every aspect of production. Such as the wisdom of the medical and health care, automotive and vehicle networking, smart grid, intelligent manufacturing, military and so on.

In wearable device, for example, according to a global leader of critical information, products, solutions and services provider IHS data show that a single wearable device used by the average number of sensors from the 2013 growth of 1.4 2019 4.1, total shipments increased from 67 million to 466 million.

In order to meet the various needs of networking and other applications, the sensor will appear a lot of technological innovation, such as based on new principles and a new mechanism, the use of new materials, the introduction of micro-nano processing technology, etc., to promote the sensor for high performance, reliable, miniature, low power, low cost, while the application-oriented, intelligent, open architecture, systematization other direction. Application-oriented property itself is determined by the sensor, the sensor only in close connection with the application needs to economies of scale and improve profitability.

From the Ministry of Electronic Science and Technology Information Institute “Chinese sensor industry White Paper (2015),” the data show that the global sensor market in 2010 from $ 72 billion in 2014, rising rapidly to $ 126 billion, an average annual growth rate of 15% . The next five years to maintain 10%? 20% growth rate.

The rapid rise of new industries such Internet of Things such that the sensor status rising, become an important area of ​​the world to seize development opportunities. China will also sensor industry as a strategic new industry, an important direction of development. 2012 anus letter to the Department issued the “Internet of Internet of Things” five “development plan”, in February 2013 the State Council issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the orderly and healthy development of the Internet of Internet of Things,” and in September 2013 jointly by the NDRC and more ministries issued the “Internet of Internet of Things special action plan (2013-2015)” and so on, have the sensor research and development and industrialization as a development priority.

February 2013, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology, the State Standardization Administration jointly issued the “accelerate sensors and intelligent instrumentation industry development action plan” is to further clarify and emphasize support for sensor development. In March 2015, Premier Li Keqiang proposed the implementation of “Made in China 2025”, requires intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of the sensor as a prerequisite to achieve manufacturing equipment and plant intelligence, the importance and urgency to unprecedented heights.

Driven by policy support and market applications, the rapid growth of the domestic sensor market. Up from 39.7 billion yuan in 2010 to 2014 of 86.5 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of 21.4%. The next few years, the growth rate in the wearable sensor devices, networking, automotive and medical fields will be higher than the global average, and is expected in 2020, more than 300 billion yuan.