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The only multi-hazard coupling experimental platform, the safe operation of Urban Lifeline Engineering Monitoring Center, water pollution monitoring and early warning safety traceability …… Yesterday, Tsinghua University, Hefei Public Safety Institute (hereinafter referred to as the “Institute”) was officially opened. The future, there will be construction of a first-class scientific research and industrial platform of public safety and contribute to “China forces” for the world of public safety technology development.

Public Safety industry to build an important polymerisation Internet of Things

As a strategic emerging industries, public security industry is in its infancy the market prospects for the future can be expected. Given optimistic about this industry, in 2013, the city and Tsinghua University “hit it off”, decided to build a research institute, plans to establish a science and technology innovation platform, the establishment of public safety and Testing Center, to create three levels of cooperation between the public security industrial park, built public safety world-class scientific and technological innovation and industrial development base. Within five years, will attract and incubate 20 to 30 public safety industries and enterprises, the formation of annual output of about 50 billion public safety industrial park.

According to reports, during the same time infrastructure, the Institute also simultaneously carried out experimental research platform design and construction. Among them, the National Public Security and Emergency Command System Integration platform construction has been completed, public safety, large data center to complete the first phase of work.

We will rely on Anhui Province, Hefei strong backing, public safety emergency locking industry chain upstream end, and constantly improve the supply capacity of the original innovative technology, to guide the integration of related industries, to help Hefei become an important public safety industry polymerisation. “Tsinghua University, Executive Vice President Cheng Jianping said.

The only multi-hazard coupling experimental platform will now Hefei Internet of Things

Earthquakes, typhoons, heavy snowfall …… in public safety research, simulate and reproduce complex disasters, public safety equipment in order to truly test instrument performance. It is reported that the Institute of Architectural highlights comprehensive laboratory building, will build the nation’s only multi-hazard coupling experimental platform. After the completion of the platform, it can be simulated 19 typhoons (wind speed up to 80 meters per second), nine earthquake, temperature -40 ℃ to 70 ℃ and 250 mm / hour rainfall, 150 mm / hour snowfall and other integrated environment.

If the scoop poured water in Chaohu, post-test will be able to know where the pollution comes from, this technology will also from pollution traceability Institute. Of course, this should be based on extensive collection of data stored in Chaohu Lake Basin on all sources.

According to the relevant person in charge, the Institute will carry out water pollution monitoring and early warning security source, independent research and development of hydrological and water pollution early warning tracing techniques and instruments, on-line source analysis, and the formation of three-dimensional environment for safe water river, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc. monitoring network.

Real-time data monitoring Internet of Things big urban lifeline Internet of Things

Overpass, gas pipelines, water supply networks and other safety or not, is the relationship between a city run “lifeline.” Yesterday, Hefei Urban Safe Operation Lifeline Monitoring Center was officially inaugurated. The center will use Internet of Things, big data and security science and technology, research and development of bridges, gas and water supply safety monitoring system, construction of urban lifeline safe operation of large data centers to monitor, improve urban disaster prevention and reduction capacity. According to reports, at present, we have a trial run, involving Pine Creek Bridge, Jinzhai Road viaduct five important bridge and over 20 kilometers of gas and water supply networks.

“Overpass to detect, for example, real-time monitoring is not an accident of deformation or damage is caused by an accident, and forecast to produce some type of accident may take measures in advance and take preventive measures.” Research Institute Fan Weicheng He explained. According to reports, the next three to five years, the monitoring center will complete all the main bridges in Hefei, key areas of gas pipeline network, water supply network security monitoring, or the future will expand to all Pipe Gallery.