Internet of Things booster “smart” new blue ocean energy

Internet of Things “blessing” Under the new energy industry, “Chi-made” energy products many highlights. Yesterday at the “2015 intelligent PV power plant operation and maintenance of the General Assembly”, the business of photovoltaic power plants and large coffee Internet of Things in the field from across the country, experts and scholars, cross-border cooperation for the new energy and Internet of Things brainstorming. A number of energy “Internet +” innovative products in front of the crowd, showing strong momentum in Wuxi new energy field. At the same time, two industries collide Fusion also gives the city a lot of Internet Things inspire enterprises, to seize the industry pain points, cut into the mentality of the application has become more urgent.

“Robot” change panels cleaning workers

The show, a film called Rui Bao solar panels have been busy cleaning robot, while climbing up, while turning down by the Department panels are clean as new. Rui Bao not only in the smooth solar panels come and go, but also multi-machine interaction, automatically clean up a lot of power plants. Cobos robot commercial general manager Zhou Hongbo introduction, cleaning a megawatt power plant requires only one or two of such robot, after being charged with two hours to clean up more than 100 square meters of area, but also for remote operation.

Typical solar panels are placed in outdoor environments, such as deserts, roofs, etc., once the dust cover, power generation efficiency of the solar panels will be severely degraded. A photovoltaic plant covers an area often square meter, time-consuming manual cleaning. With automatic robot naturally more effective, if they can customize the solar operation and maintenance, the effect is definitely better. Now, this intelligent management has become a reality: Energy Vision Limited brings “Apollo photovoltaic cloud lifecycle management platform,” let the cold photovoltaic device having such wisdom. Sun Jie Vision Solar Energy Co., Ltd., general manager, said the big data cloud platform to third parties in real time to remind the panel is dirty, needs cleaning, cleaning once in a timely manner can be increased by 3% -5% of the power generation efficiency, in addition to the system can real-time view generation through mobile phones will be able to instantly view.

“Wuxi is both a new energy industry Heights, the Internet of Things industry and is the birthplace of new Internet of Things as energy and Wuxi, two cards and finally found the opportunity for cross-border cooperation in the smart operation and maintenance of this point.” CCPIT Vice Wuxi president Jinmeng An said that the development of these two industries have a positive role in promoting, for the moment very fiery energy concept of the Internet, is also expected to implement the project ground through intelligent operation and maintenance of this breakthrough.

Internet of Things to usher in new opportunities

Wuxi two industries “collision” together, to cut into the enterprise Internet of Things industry applications inspire more. Internet of Things hit a “soft + hard”, “cloud + client” smart hardware Micronanoelectronic Park District Deputy Shen Guangping said Internet of Things transboundary promising. “I used to think the Internet of Things industry chain comprises only sensors, Internet of Things and so on, the space industry is not, after this round of brainstorming, a fusion of the two industries, the development opportunities of Internet of Things to come.” Remark is true, Huawei production inverter scored four billion yuan last year, the largest single market, for a time invincible.

Internet of Things have new energy in the essential attribute of a high degree of fit, such as new energy is fragmented distribution, distribution in the country, there may be no man’s land, in case of failure, if there is no means to monitor Internet of Things maintenance, intelligent energy, then it is difficult to manage, so the two must be integrated development. “Deputy Secretary General of China’s green energy industry technology innovation strategic alliance Liu Zhibo believes Wuxi national sensor network innovation and demonstration area, is Chinese perception center in today’s data, network, intelligent era, the city of Wuxi accumulation of strength, cultivate new impetus Sanli capacity and development of one, two industries are to bring new opportunities.

Data show that as of end of last year, the national cumulative PV installed capacity of 28 GW. In the operation and maintenance of the total cost of 1% to calculate the market size reached 30 billion / year. Power monitoring, data collection, maintenance, repair, cleaning, and other components will help protect and enhance the power plant generating capacity of new equipment and technology will be a great space for development. Which are the advantages of the Internet of Things industry Wuxi lies.