Internet of things explore the road of development and promote the rapid development of smart grid c

Currently, internet of things related to technology had been “infiltrated” all aspects of the smart grid, smart grid to improve various aspects of the full range of information perceived depth and breadth. State Ministry in June this year issued a “Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 2014 Internet of things Work Points” positive development of networked objects, perhaps even for promoting the development of a smart grid thrust.

China Southern Power Grid Company has embarked on a path of exploration networking applications, networking has become an important part of the company’s information technology planning. Internet of things technology for object recognition, tracking, monitoring outstanding advantages in power grid enterprises automation, intelligent, weight and other characteristics of assets, the IOT technology should be used as a means of CSG information technology, and information technology, “6+ 1 “system combined, as an extension of the development of information systems, information collection system to improve the efficiency, automation and accuracy.

As an emerging technology, currently the networking industry still in its infancy, failed to form a large-scale effect in the short term, a lot of pilot applications yet to be verified. During this period, a clear need networking technology and applications overall system so that the information sector to reach a consensus on the perception of internet of things, good internet of things development planning, attention to long-term development prospects. Recently, the technology chosen should have some basis, the business sector has certain needs, links can be extended in the information system based on the construction of internet of things and pilot.

China Southern Power Grid Development Internet of things purpose is to support smart grid development strategies, improve production and management efficiency. Internet of things grid has broad application prospects, but it also faces a number of development issues. From the technical point of view, the perception layer accuracy of sensor data, the sensor in a complex environment, failure rate, timeliness of data transmission, wireless transmission security and so are problems to be solved. Several factors could limit the reliability, cost, existing management systems, internet of things have been advancing slowly. Therefore, to develop a reasonable long-term plan to guide internet of things of great significance in the development of China Southern Power Grid.