Internet of Things grafting agriculture: a revolution in the field of technology

Fitted with a small sensor, vegetable greenhouses will speak, low humidity, high temperature, and nitrogen deficiency, phosphorus and potassium; the no matter where you are, mouse click or phone, shed thousands of miles away fruits and vegetables will be able to automatically watering, fertilizing; swipe two-dimensional code, fruits and vegetables from greenhouses to table “past and Present” all know …… it’s not imaginary scene, but is Texas Dragon vegetable cooperatives occurred thing.

Research of this technology is the Institute of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Science and Technology Information. The Internet of Things they grafted on agriculture, is changing the traditional mode of agricultural production fields, but also so that people can enjoy safer tongue agricultural products (000061, stock it). “The use of the Internet of Internet of Things data systems, real-time detection of crop production environment, temperature, humidity, pH, light, soil nutrients, carbon dioxide and other physical parameters, remote monitoring, the precise application of policy, not only saves resources, labor, and more to improve product quality, improve economic efficiency. “Ruanhuai Jun, director of the team is working to create a project, the above scenario has become a reality, but not all.

Internet of Things’s new weapons

Keep the rest of my life kelp, Weihai Evergreen Marine Science and Technology company technician Wu habits is Internet of Things changed.

In the cold sea kelp seedlings grown sensitive to sunlight, the light intensity is a key determinant of yield and quality of their nursery one of the factors. Over the years, Wu follow the traditional light intensity monitoring methods to determine their own sensory experience-based, handheld instrument illumination, supplemented by field measurements. Every day, he and his colleagues would sometimes drill kelp plant nursery monitor light intensity, even experienced, because judgment is not accurate, not timely measurement, monitoring site is not comprehensive and other issues, leading to poor growth kelp burn seedlings or other production accidents the situation is there.

The turning point came in 2013. This year, the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Science and Technology Information Institute designed a kelp nursery Internet of Things system solutions.

Now, Wu simply turn on the computer in the office, or from a wall display screen, you can grasp the real-time changes in the plant nursery daily light intensity. Even on a business mobile client can also keep abreast of the latest changes to the data, and be able to view live video. When the case of abnormal illumination, automatic alarm system to alert the nursery staff to take timely measures.

“Internet of Things are a good thing.” Wu stubborn character really convinced. In fact, even greater than the benefit Wu? In Texas Dragon vegetable cooperatives, workers need only sit at your computer, you can easily get vegetable greenhouse cultivation. “Nearly ten parameters can fully measure air humidity, soil temperature inside the greenhouse, you can also control these indicators.” Leader Huochun Liang said, through Internet of Things, a person can manage simultaneous real-time monitoring of a few acres of land.

Internet of Things inclusive, R & D, “all-inclusive”

Whether it is a new weapon Wu, or Huochun Liang “mouse planting”, and does not constitute all of these wonderful “Internet of Things agricultural production based on the full comprehensive technical support system research building” projects.

Project Leader Ruanhuai Jun in the planning of this project is the Internet around fruits and vegetables, livestock, aquaculture and other industries, the Internet of Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet key technology integration and application, “to promote the advantages of the agricultural industry in transition upgrade, production intelligence, information management, product transparency and maximize efficiency. ”

Thus, the project includes both monitoring and control equipment entity, remote video, but also including virtual APP, remote roaming and “smart farming cloud platform”, “Wisdom of agricultural micro-channel platform,” “Chi agricultural traceability platform” agricultural system of Internet of Things.

But Internet of Things inclusive, even if directed to a specific industry, but also the design and development of different devices, and the devices have different standards connected. The development is not easy. Far monitoring and control devices, is to make the “invisible hand” control aquatic crops, Ruanhuai Jun group need to develop sensor nodes collection, transmission and control equipment; but also laid on the production site, for use in the fields, intelligent collection and monitoring of agricultural soils, crops, plant diseases and pests, and near-surface meteorological and other types of agricultural production information, and through GPRS, 3G, WiFi and wired internet and other channels, real-time transmission of data to the central platform, the realization of agricultural prenatal , during, and post information all round view of perception, agricultural production, operation, management, decision-making and service to provide a reliable source of information.

So do not worry about the director is that the hardware and software from different areas of the doctorate or master’s team composed of the “brain” at any time in accordance with the development progress of the project the necessary equipment.

China’s first leisure agriculture customized electronic business platform

In recent years, white-collar workers in the city, on the “packet types” vegetables, fruit, livestock, poultry and other agricultural products, “adopt”, “nurturing” and so continue to rise. Ruanhuai Jun Team analysis that pain point behind it is still agricultural product safety issues. Thus, the team designed a customized program of leisure agriculture business platform based on a set of Internet of Things, the core idea is “private”, “enjoy” and “+” in the name.

“” Private “on behalf of independent, exclusive and on-demand;” enjoy “on behalf of green, healthy and happy experience;” + “stands for integration, and unlimited value-added services based on” private to enjoy + “platform, can achieve” a small amount of fine tubes. controllable trusted, quality to change the amount of income combined with entertainment, “the effect of Internet of Things applications, so that agricultural production” WYSIWYG “a reality.” Sixiangjia + “platform is actually the traditional agriculture and industrial chain a reconstruction of the value chain and recycling, which is the “Internet + agriculture” in a typical application. “Ruanhuai Jun said.

Enterprise Jinan Golden Harvest Tea Co., Ltd., Shandong source of innovation Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shandong Eagles Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., is building “private enjoy tea”, “enjoy private garden”, “enjoy private orchard,” “enjoy private backyard chicken “and other leisure agriculture operators template is” private to enjoy + “concept floor.

“Our goal is to achieve” enjoy private + “four platforms” 100% “guarantee: 100% breeding completely customizable, 100% owned by its main agricultural products, agro full traceability 100%, 100% green and healthy agricultural products. “Ruanhuai Jun said.