Internet of things has been fully eroded real estate bubble will become promoters?

For the real estate industry, the importance of the entire Chinese economy is self-evident, although all sectors of the real estate economy sound questioned constantly, but this does not prevent the rise in house prices. And although the traditional real estate industry, but in recent years as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, the rise of artificial intelligence concepts and technology, these new elements into the real estate industry is the increasingly popular trend. You can even say that internet of things have begun to erode the real estate from multiple angles.

What are the current typical networking technology and integration of real estate it?


VR / AR has become among the most fashionable elements of science and technology, real estate companies naturally want to miss this “black technology”. However, the current overall VR / AR and real estate company’s business is still small joint surface, while the defect VR / AR technology also limits its development in real estate as well as many other industries.

Speaking of VR / AR technology in connection with real estate, and perhaps a lot of people think this is just an eye-catching marketing tool, but after the technology is mature enough to be combined between the two will breed more significance. For example, developers can launch a virtual showroom of services, buyers can advance to the layout of the room and decor make their own demands. Thus, developers will be able to test the will and preferences of potential users in advance to adjust the sales planning.

For example, some of the VR technology start-up companies, such as the development of a photorealistic rendering technology. When a user viewing through Samsung Gear such a VR helmet when fully experience the true extent of the real thing. This rendering technology to give users a realistic feel enough to convince them to sign the contract documents.

VR’s “cousin” AR is also strides into the real estate market. AR technology data phone, tablet, or Google glasses such wearable device direct “set” in the vision of the real world. Currently, there are many leading companies have made no small achievement in the application of AR technology.

While focusing on the combination of VR and real estate companies are more and more capital level of all ages. Here are some VR enterprises in this regard financing conditions.

Internet of things have been fully eroded real estate bubble will become promoters?


Since a long time, large-scale real estate sellers are always convenient for the camera bothered, how to show the size of the magnificent scenery of the beautiful, yet at the same time, always seems to not have both fish and bear’s paw. In most cases, the cost to rent a helicopter slightly lower.

And today, with the cheaper, the better the performance of the UAV market to solve this problem. Dajiang UAV already has a very good performance, to meet the needs in this area. UAV filming picture quality is rapidly becoming many real estate sales and marketing operations indispensable part.

cloud computing

Cloud computing technology in the real estate industry is relatively floor of many real estate developers are also better than earlier realized the importance of the cloud for real estate companies to enhance operational efficiency of the management effectiveness. Domestic large enterprises or in collaboration with other cloud platform company, or build their own private clouds to enhance the layout for cloud computing.

Developers is a management-oriented enterprises, improve management efficiency and therefore for the whole company promotion has important significance. For example, remote integration of resources across regions, as well as a workflow automation, etc., can enhance the operational efficiency of the entire company. In addition, cloud computing technology is the use of large real estate data base for further analysis, in general, say real estate companies are increasingly cloud of not too much.

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology to be applied to production processes in real estate now, too early, but the back-end as well as in the field of real estate services layer but have come to pervade. We have more contact with the real estate agent is the hotel or the launch of APP and other applications, according to hotel before leaving the customer specific information and personal interests, introduced a more personalized service.

Of course, there are some companies through artificial intelligence and machine learning, automatically grab all kinds of real estate information, and then analyzed by the social demand and supply of real estate dynamically matched to meet the consumer and real estate experience, then the best property Tell users need most. In order to improve the overall efficiency of resource use, to promote “sharing economy” purposes.


Based on the nature of the building and real estate, the robot technology in this industry will be more broad.

In fact, the robot has begun to replace humans in the construction industry to do some simple, boring, dangerous and requires a lot of physical work. Drywall robots, construction robots, welding robots, industrial robots, and security robots, cleaning robots, and other types of robots and extraordinary skill in the field of architecture with ease. The existence of these robots, perhaps after China’s “demographic dividend” disappeared, still allow the national economic growth.

Internet of things have been fully eroded real estate bubble will become promoters?

This fusion of internet of things with respect to real estate in terms of what is the meaning?

Internet of things Enterprise

The meaning of internet of things is undoubtedly very great, because the areas it covers also all-inclusive. In fact, a lot of internet of things in the field of business innovation ambition is great, or want to become a leader in the era of technology, or want to change people’s lives. But at this stage of internet of things the whole market is still in its infancy, many companies profit model is not clear, a very real problem most innovative companies face is how to survive?

We can say that the real estate industry for networking landing and subsequent development of start-ups have a great role in promoting. And because real estate is such a “not bad money” industry, real estate industry in the whole industry chain, both production processes, or the sales cycle, and government are willing to try new technology, but perhaps this attempt relatively lightweight, but because of the huge volume of real estate, so it is enough to feed a lot of innovative companies, such as VR technology to do business, the company’s long-term intention is to allow more people to change to bring a better experience VR but now, only do some real estate projects in order to maintain the company’s normal operations. VR is only one aspect, as do other intelligent home service robot, cloud computing, and more start-ups, real estate business accounted for the company’s entire business a large proportion.


So developers to embrace the positive internet of things of course, also have their own plans. As we all know, although the current price is still high, but the era of the real estate industry cukuang growth has passed, so developers want to remain competitive have to play point “technology live.”

For example, at the product level, smart home, smart logistics, intelligence community, and related technology into their own real estate development, makes real estate with more innovative and attractive, bring more added value, in order to enhance the company’s profits. In the business model level, the introduction of networking technology also can reshape the entire real estate industry chain services, like on nowadays many companies ready to ward rate from a manufacturing company transformed into a service business, you will need artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other networking technology support.

Real estate and also take advantage of internet of things in hand along the new era under sometimes, for the integration of both the respective industry level, where there will be a lot to look forward to, but also need to be vigilant capital level of operation. The real estate bubble has a lot without saying that while internet of things although only in its infancy, but because the last two years non-stop rally and investment, as if there is “immature the first fire” flavor, is a veteran of the pillar industries, is a as a future driven by the engine of growth, if only as a combination of both capital operation, it is likely it will make the bubble grows bigger and bigger, and even contrary to industry.