Internet of Things intelligent security in several technology breakthroughs needed

Internet of Things, is the connection between Internet of Things, the article refers to a variety of information sensing equipment and Internet of Things connected to form a huge network. In the Internet of Internet of Things application process, Intelligent Security is one of the earliest applications of Internet of Things industry, Internet of Things security refers to the end product with intelligent integration, the ability to connect wireless sensors, alarm information can be transmitted over the Internet through a new generation of security system.

Internet of Things security for the security industry has brought a series of changes, breaking the traditional thinking security system, broaden the application areas of the security industry, from traditional analog systems to digital systems, from smart products to system solutions, accelerate the perception and video integration of video display technology, will be a variety of business systems security intelligent centralized management, multi-technology, multi-system integration, and its application throughout the medical wisdom, wisdom campus fields, intelligence community, wisdom and tourism.

State “Internet of Things” five “development plan” clearly states: “In key areas to carry out demonstration projects to explore the application model, application deployment and diffusion of accumulated experience and methods, forming a series of mature application template can be replicated for Internet of Things applications in the whole society, the whole industry to prepare for large-scale promotion. “intelligent security that is supported by the state,” one of the nine priority areas “include social security monitoring, monitoring of hazardous goods transport, food safety monitoring important bridges, buildings, rail transportation, water conservancy facilities, municipal pipe network and other infrastructure, safety monitoring, early warning and emergency response and other aspects.

Universal application of Internet of Things technology, making the security of the city evolved from the past simple security system to urban integrated system, especially for important places, such as airports, docks, water, electric power plants, bridges, dams, rivers, subway, introduced after wireless Internet of Things technology can move, tracking and other means of establishing a full range of three-dimensional protection, which taking into account the overall urban management systems, environmental monitoring systems, traffic management systems, emergency command system and other integrated systems applications.

In order to obtain richer information security, security equipment used in a variety of types, including video surveillance equipment, audio monitoring equipment, temperature sensing devices, smoke devices, light-sensitive devices, pressure sensitive devices and controlled devices. Overall render massive security equipment and heterogeneity characteristics of intelligent security systems establish a mission to integrate vast amounts of heterogeneous devices, various types of sensory data comprehensively judged achieve security warning, and ultimately provide intelligent decision to form a complete smart security business processes.

Based on these intelligent security features and actual demand, Internet of Things need to achieve technological breakthroughs in the field of security following three aspects:

First, the need for clear functionality and business intelligence security systems, the establishment of identity-based Internet of Things equipment intelligent security management mechanism. For security devices, interact with the system’s most important part is to locate the address, the establishment of an efficient security device identification management system, to achieve interoperability of heterogeneous security devices, security devices for heterogeneous integration and business complex customized to provide basic technical support.

Second, the heterogeneous characteristics of security equipment, the need for unified abstract heterogeneous security equipment, and a standardized interface is based on an abstract approach to heterogeneous devices in a unified access control. For a variety of heterogeneous devices feature data, the need for data generated by the equipment semantic description, semantic description model to establish security data to facilitate data access and processing.

Third, in the application of intelligent security application environment, we need to form a comprehensive mass data judged methods, multivariate sensory data is processed through the establishment of appropriate algorithm model, to achieve the original input directly associated with security events. Meanwhile, the need to establish joint control mechanism, such as the boot alarm actions initiated according to Menci, infrared, video and other integrated input data, remote network control node is associated, associated equipment, in order to achieve the purpose of the security system of quick response.

In summary, a wide range of intelligent security applications, application outlook, but the most important Internet of Things is to solve technical issues involved. Only so that the “front-end perception – Background Processing – Intelligent linkage” as a complete intelligent security implementation process in order to make intelligent security product better promotion and application in various fields.