Internet of Things to lack of standards in Germany and Japan intends to cooperate in the development

Another technology industry development boom, but internet of things there is a significant market development constraints and smart home networking, mobile Internet is regarded as after – lack of authoritative industry standards, a variety of industry and individual national standards for their own array . And on Tuesday, Japan announced that it will cooperate with Germany to jointly develop international standards for the networking industry.

According to the Nikkei newspaper reported on Tuesday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that Germany and Japan will work together to develop international technical standards for the Internet of Things. Abe is made this statement when attending a public-private cooperation forum.

Abe said that Japan, like Germany, also has a strong manufacturing base, so the two sides can work together to develop standards. He also said that, according to the Japanese networking development plan, by 2020, Japan will be widely deployed advanced networking system that allows different companies and manufacturers, all kinds of data can be collected by the sensor, to achieve interoperability of smart devices.

According to reports, the earliest the end of April, the German and Japanese governments will sign a memorandum document, in cooperation in the field of networking technology. In Japan, technology companies have different networking products and technologies in the development of substance, but of internet of things in Germany is a leader, and by the German cooperation, Japan will be internet of things on the international standards, have more right to speak.

German Organization for the Advancement of Internet of things “Industry 4.0 platform,” the head of Henning Banthien said the German and Japanese manufacturing in the total economy in their respective countries accounted for more than two percent ratio, and both countries have great cooperation.

According to foreign media reports, the industry involved in the field of IOT very numerous, and eventually leading cause of the current slow market development of internet of things, is the world’s lack of uniform technical standards. The end of March in a forum on China, Derek Aberi Qualcomm’s vice president also expressed this view.

The executive said that the future consumers can purchase any one manufacturer of smart devices, should be able to easily and other smart devices at home (may come from different manufacturers) to achieve interoperability. Thus, the entire networking industry must break relive the situation, to ensure seamless user equipment.

It is reported that early this year, Qualcomm itself led to a networking standard and Intel’s leading system for fusion, launched a new networking standard OFC, but has not been recognized by the entire industry.

Also in China and other countries, the government is also developing to meet the needs of domestic appliance industry standard networking technology.

US Internet giant Google had acquired a home thermostat manufacturers Nest, but Nest also from a hardware manufacturer, transformed into a standard custom bodies and smart home platform operator, through a broad influence of data exchange platform in order to achieve access and exchange more smart home devices. However, smart home networking market is just a subset.