Internet of Things strategic layout of the cloud vendors

In the last year of Internet of Things market also showed some changes, Microsoft, IBM, AWS and Google and other cloud vendors have joined, and the introduction of enterprise-class networking application development platform. With all they have in common is their own huge cloud resources, allow enterprises to access Internet of Things easier. Perhaps favor the development of hardware compared to really important Internet of Things is that the value of server-side applications.

Cloud vendors in 2015 to expand the strategic layout of Internet of Things platform, Microsoft in October, Microsoft released the first intelligent cloud AzureIoT suite rented by Azure to create a multi-user platform IoTPaaS cloud services as a priority and remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and three kinds of enterprise asset management and other IoT applications.

The IoTPaaS platform in addition to having a strong expansion capability and can be simultaneously connected with millions of devices, but also a large number of these sensors from the device to collect data continuously as VAT data analysis. Microsoft also allow enterprises can purchase your own IoT kit, such as machine learning, data analysis and other large software analysis tools, and even launched AzureIoT certification to expand the ecosystem.

Followed by the release AWSIoT AWS platform, from terminal equipment has been leased to the cloud IoT services program, businesses can use to make IoT easier. In addition to information gathered can be used to produce the amount of one hundred million devices, and support for IoT communication protocol MQTT lightweight outer, AWS also provides a rules engine to simplify the processing IoT devices return information, and release IoT development kit SDK, support C, JavaScript and open source hardware Arduino like.

In addition, Amazon and a number of hardware manufacturers to launch IoT starter kit that allows developers to take advantage of these powerful suite combines AWS cloud computing capabilities to develop new applications. In addition, the charging section, the platform uses the same amount of billing by the way, based on the number of messages Ads from AWSIoT platform or delivered to the device to charge.

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In November last year, Intel released combination of hardware and software IoT platform reference architecture will integrate more hardware and software products to accelerate the development of the platform. Intel hopes to establish a take-Ecosystem Things Things devices, networks and the cloud, and launch a credible and analysis platform, capable of binding to a variety of open source big data analysis tools such as Hadoop, Spark, etc., to provide all kinds of Internet of Things analysis.

Intel CEO Division odd again pointed out that as the world becomes more intelligent, increasingly interconnected, networking will make life more healthy, more secure. He also stressed that, with the development of Internet of Things accelerate, solution providers must cater to the test needs of customers, the need to provide comprehensive services package to make those tests more quickly enter the market, rather than focusing on providing a single function.

IBM in terms of Internet of Things has invested a considerable period of time. Last year, IBM announced investment of $ 3 billion in the next four years to build a new networking business unit, and create a cloud-based open platform to help customers and ecosystem partners to build networking solutions.

Obviously, IBM to enter the field of IOT faith assured. ? For what Internet of Things is the president of IBM China Research Institute of Shen Xiaowei Bo Shi said: “We are moving towards the Internet of Things phase 3.0, and at this stage of Internet of Things before the biggest difference is the networking technologies and cloud computing technology has conducted in-depth integration, business optimization from moving toward industrial transformation, data analysis will give the true power of Internet of Things, from large data-driven networking is valuable Internet of Things. ”

Currently, IBM is committed to working with China to uphold the Genesis, with its big data analysis techniques and Chinese customers, partners and build Internet of Things ecological. By industry, the Internet of Things layout, with the car, the weather, water, health, liquefied petroleum gas and other industries in-depth cooperation, and cooperation with local Chinese partners combination.

In addition, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, also launched a new version of IoT platform. These giant clouds, IT vendors have to seize the networking platform will also allow networking platform 2016 more fiery.

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