Internet of Things took off! Carefully hidden obstacles

Since Cisco (Cisco) first proposed a bold prediction – “In 2020 the world will have more than 50 billion networking devices,” the entire electronics industry began to dance along. Many companies get into the market quickly, and actively develop and contribute to their acquisition they think of Internet of Things (IoT) cause fueling technology. In 2014, after another discussion about Internet of Things, are often heard cross-border alliances between industry, new products are also emerging, of which there are many products really are connected to the Internet.

Atmel (Atmel), senior vice president and general manager, microcontroller Reza Kazerounian said, “standing on a higher level, the 2014 we started to feel Internet of Things everywhere of the year.” Almost everyone so concerned about Internet of Things, and actively participate in the discussion for the Internet of Internet of Things, “we began to feel the need to unite the networking industry, and ultimately the industry will take off.”

Indeed, “in 2020 the world will be over 50 billion Internet of Things means” This sentence has begun not originally intended to make people feel crazy. Earlier this year, Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley) in its report on networking was defined as “the next major computing cycle after the mobile Internet,” the investment company believes that Internet of Things are not market speculation, but everyone should the participation of a computing event.

However, this does not sound a bit too good to be incredible?

Internet of Things may still bubble burst, if not take place in 2015, that is, in the coming years. Recently, “EE Times” interviewed a number of companies and analysts, they share the biggest obstacle may hinder current and future development of Internet of Things.

Skip Ashton Silicon Labs vice president of software noted that now is the whole industry began to talk of Internet of Things ‘was’ (Thing), rather than the ‘net’ (Internet) time. He explained that the exact knowledge ‘was’ should be used to do and what their thoughts and behavior, will be one of the issues to resolve Internet of Things face the greatest pressure: the application layer. In addition to the application layer of Internet of Things, from the privacy, security sensor fusion, etc., are still many unresolved issues.

Some companies such issues as an opportunity, some companies are very careful. Many industry experts have proposed a lot of traps in 2015 and in the future, Internet of Things may face.