Internet Security 2016 Top Ten Trends of the healthcare industry

APP from the Internet to the insulin pump, medical devices are increasingly connected to the Internet. The economic value of 2020, connected to the Internet of medical products expected to be approximately $ 285 billion. But the Internet is not convenient and not a cost, it is vulnerable to attacks by hackers and criminals.

Due to security breaches becoming more common and increasingly high cost of system maintenance, network security, medical devices will become an important issue in 2016. This requires equipment manufacturers and medical institutions to take pre-emptive measures to maintain consumer confidence in the medical equipment, and to prevent any hacking may cause damage to the medical industry.

This is not groundless. 2015, this government has made the first warning that the medical equipment vulnerable to hacker attacks. An infusion pump officials warned that such equipment may be remotely modified to output a lethal dose of drugs. 33 Medical Devices hacked, the consequences will be disastrous: the patient may be harmed because of equipment or even death; the device may allow inappropriate access to other hospitals and medical provider networks; huge commercial value of research data may also equipment from being used in clinical trials stolen.

Regulatory agencies have conducted a risk notification. FDA has issued warnings about network security and guidance documents, and expressed the hope (but not mandatory) medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers to ensure that only “trusted” users access to the device. 34 In addition, FDA also requires that the network security vulnerabilities and report promptly corrected.

Although the case has not yet been hacked due to equipment caused the patient harm occurred, but from the insurance company to the retailer recently a series of encounters, the hackers make relevant institutions suffering lawsuits, loss of income and reputation harm. In 2014, about 85% of large medical institutions have experienced a data breach in which 18% of the repair costs of up to $ 100 million.

“Ultimately, it is about the network architecture and design,” Armor Inc.’s chief security officer, retired Colonel Jeff Schilling said, “medical device needs to have its own separate network. Thus, even if a hacker hack into the system equipment, also not quickly cause harm. ”

Poor give medical device manufacturers and network system security situation has brought huge losses. 62% of consumers said that compared to the ease of use of the device, they care about the safety of the device. Those devices do not have built-in security features, especially for consumers APP or wearable device may be at a disadvantage in the competition.