Internet of Things began to use industrial manufacturing sectors

With the maturation of the technology support, Internet of Things are gradually expanding the scope of application, industrial manufacturing sectors will be an important direction of their application.

We all know, automated production is an important direction of development of the manufacturing industry. Automated rapid transformation and development, it has brought many advantages. But as Internet of Things gradually expand the scope of application of technology, industrial manufacturing have begun to introduce this technology, automation technology will also be the traditional Internet of Things and convergence.

Our manufacturing industry slowdown in the economic growth rate, the growth rate of the domestic large-scale manufacturing and has the same period, there was greater decline compared. Previously, the domestic manufacturing economy is a labor-intensive industries relying on a lot of manpower, although affected by various factors, each manufacturer of industrial and electronic products and other industries have begun to introduce more automated production line to replace manpower produce.

In the invasion of the Internet, industrial Ethernet applications in the production of increasingly wide range of applications, we introduce the concept of networking in the automation of production so as to achieve a degree of collection is high automated production mode. But now this model has ushered in a new change, that is, the application of Internet of Things.

Meanwhile, in the years of development, intelligent manufacturing Internet of Things encountered many challenges. In the production process of manufacturing data perception, multiple interference environment manufacturing environment of strong electromagnetic interference, metallic media, many obstacles, as well as the dynamic presence of “people, materials, equipment, production processes, products,” and many other objects, implement complex systems reliable sensing operation state having greater difficulty; in a manufacturing environment network data transmission, resource-constrained, dynamic topology and harsh environmental conditions, hybrid network integration and other restrictions, real-time data transmission, reliability and accuracy has also been seriously affected; in the manufacture of Internet of Things data processing, generating massive class manufacturer of Internet of Things, the limited computing resources are insufficient to fully support the process data. To achieve precise control of the manufacturing process, the key problem to be solved is to achieve reliable manufacture of Internet of Things perceived, real-time transmission, intelligent processing vast amounts of data.

Internet of Things as China’s strong technical support at the national level, a new generation of the Internet, in public life and the industry have a broad application prospects.

Networking enables all kinds of plant equipment was reached through a barter object associated, so that the plants form a large network structure. This is also a part of the plant wisdom. Automation and information technology with the development of today, there are already relevant institutions or persons put forward the concept of wisdom plant.