Introduction of GPRS DTU

What is DTU?

DTU is short for Data Terminal Unit. Broadly speaking,modular unit, responsible for sending data on both sides of links,is called DTU. Narrowly speaking, DTU refers to the device that sends data collected by serial device to specified server through GSM/GPRS network. When server receives data, server can analyze, process, display and save the data. Meanwhile, DTU can send some data to remote serial device to process some operations.

Category of GPRS DTU

Category of GPRS DTU
General Information of GPRS DTU

GPRS DTU is a wireless terminal equipment which can convert serial data to IP data or convert IP data to serial data through wireless communication network. GPRS DTU is to use GPRS network to transmit data.GPRS DTU adopts industrial-grade embedded processor and embedded TCP/IP protocol stack. GPRS DTU supports four network connections, which is of stability and high performance.It is a perfect industrial GPRS DTU.

The development of GPRS DTU is based on USR-GM1 GPRS module. GPRS DTU of USR IOT has the same functions.GPRS DTU of different type lies on power supply range and data interface.