Introduction of Industrial Ethernet Gateways USR-M511

Introduction of Modbus Gateway USR-M511

USR-M511 is Modbus gateway that query Modbus RTU/ASCII slave and display data in internal webpage. It also supports reply the querying from Modbus TCP Master. USR-M511 provides a flexible method to control and monitor your Modbus RTU/ASCII devices.

Data acquisition from terminal device, information processing such as data gathering and data submission, IO control, ethernet communication function, and LTE communication functions.



Support RS232/RS485 or RS422.

Ethernet accessory.

Internal webpage to control and monitor.

Auto query Modbus RTU/ASCII Slave device.

Modbus RTU/ASCII to Modbus TCP.

10/100Mbps ethernet interface, support Auto-MDI/MDIX.

Baud rate support 600bps~230.4K bps; Support None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space.

Support hardware Reload.

Support Static IP/DHCP.

Support hardware Reload.

industrial modbus gateway USR-M511


Application Scenarios:

Industrial data acquisition,

Automatic production line control

Remote data acquisition