Introduction of Super Port Module USR-K7

Super port module USR-K7 is a new serial Ethernet module. It is a module that can realize data transmission between the network and TTL serial ports.This module is equipped with ARM cortex-m4 processor, which has the advantages of low power consumption, fast speed and high stability.


In terms of volume, the width of the device is equal to the common RJ45 port, and the length is less than twice the length of the common network port, with the industry-leading ultra-small volume, and the current is only 130mA when working at full speed.


This product is developed on the basis of the hardware and software of serial to ethernet M4 series.The internal integration of TCP/IP protocol stack, users can use it to complete the embedded device networking function easily, saving the development process of human, material and development cycle, so that products can be faster into the market, enhance competitiveness.


This product has been tested rigorously and has been successfully used in Banks, highways, large corporate networks, busy webcam networks and complex network environments such as fiber-optic to Ethernet.