Introduction of UDP Client mode and UDP Server mode

UDP client of serial to ethernet converter USR-TCP232-410S

UDP Client

UDP transport protocol provides simple and unreliable communication services. No connection connected /disconnected. User only needs to configure Remote IP/Port then can realize data transmission. USR-TCP232-410s User Manual Technical Support: Jinan USR IOT Technology Limited 9 In UDP Client mode, 410s will only communicate with Remote IP/Port. If data don’t from Remote IP/Port, it won’t be received by 410s. In UDP Client mode, if user configure Remote IP to, 410s can achieve UDP broadcast to all network segment and receive broadcast data. User can also configure Remote IP to to realize UDP broadcast in same network segment. 2.2.4.


UDP server of serial to ethernet converter USR-TCP232-410S

UDP Server

UDP Server In UDP Server mode

410s will change Remote IP every time after receiving UDP data from a new IP/Port and will send data to latest communication IP/Port.