Introduction of USRIOT'S IoT Gateway Products

USRIOT'S IoT Gateway

IoT gateway device bridges the communication between IoT devices, sensors, systems and the cloud. It also operates as platforms for application that processes data and becomes an intelligent part of a device-enabled system.


Modbus Gateway USR-M511


Query Modbus RTU/SACII slave and display data in the internal webpage.

Work mode: Modbus RTU slave/Master, Modbus ASCII Slave/Master

Hardware watchdog:Device will restart once disconnect

Pulse train:1.5kv, 100khz


IoT Gateway USR-GW200

Features of USR-GW200

Supports WiFi, bluetooth, Zigbee, LoRa, 433Mhz wireless transmission

Linux system based on Openwrt

Supports Socket Transparent transmission, HTTO, MQTT,SSL protocol


modbus gateway