TI Unveils IoT applications SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 and CC3200 module

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) announced the launch of its object-oriented networking (IoT) applications SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 and CC3200 module. Prior to the launch of the new SimpleLink series is a low-power platform, designed to simplify the ability to connect IoT solutions. Certified Internet-on-a-chip module option provides developers with additional design flexibility, can easily be embedded Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity into many consumer, industrial and consumer electronics products. By using these modules, developers can reduce development costs and shorten time to market, and streamline procurement and certification process. In addition, these modules also have a reference for streamlined integration of complete antenna design.

Using TI SimpleLink Wi-Fi platform designed to bring many advantages for developers, including:

Modules have passed the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED and FCC / IC / CE / TELEC certification can be transferred to the final product, thus bringing products to market and to better ensure interoperability.

High degree of flexibility can be any microcontroller (MCU) and CC3100 solutions in conjunction with or through the integrated, user-specific CC3200, the programmable ARM Cortex-M4 MCU allows customers to run their unique code on the film.

In battery-powered devices to achieve the industry’s lowest-power, low-power RF and advanced low-power mode, it is possible to rely on two AA batteries for more than a year of continuous operation.

Can use Quick Connect, cloud support and Wi-Fi, as well as Internet and robust security protocol developed for IoT Simple on-chip, without prior connection with the development of Wi-Fi products experience.

By phone, web browser or with SmartConfig tablet technology, WPS AP mode and a variety of configuration options simply and securely connect the device to a Wi-Fi access points (AP).

SimpleLink Wi-Fi support

In addition to the previously announced addition to chip-based kit, TI recently also provided CC3100 BoosterPack and CC3200 module versions LaunchPad designed to help achieve leapfrog development of Wi-Fi.

By CC3100 and CC3200 wiki, developers get a complete support platform. The wiki details how to start development work, the hardware design information, software examples and details, testing and certification Tips and community support resources. TI E2E community also provides a technical support forum for solutions.

In addition, TI’s IoT cloud ecosystem members, SimpleLink Wi-Fi series also has the ability to support cloud connections.

Price and Availability:

SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 module (CC3200MOD) and CC3100 module (CC3100MOD) can now be supplied to customers through the online store TI (TI eStore) as TI sampling plan.

CC3200 module LaunchPad (CC3200MODLAUNCHXL) and CC3100 module BoosterPack (CC3100MODBOOST) now also available.

TI SimpleLink wireless connectivity product line

TI SimpleLink low-power wireless connectivity solutions portfolio – for a wide range of embedded markets wireless MCU, wireless network processor (WNP), RF transceiver and a range extender – to simplify development and more easily connect any device to the matter Networking (IoT). Standards and technical SimpleLink product involved more than 14, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (Bluetooth), Bluetooth low energy, ZigBee, 1GHz or less, 6LoWPAN, etc., can help manufacturers of any equipment, design and user to add wireless connectivity .