A key factor in the success of smart devices from smart products to see the top ten

Intel Developer Forum (IDF16), the “Intel intelligent hardware · contest in the second quarter,” the final results were announced. Ten teams show module based on the Intel Curie, Edison computing platform, Cedar Trail chip technology platform, Atom processor technology to develop creative prototypes.

Ten winning projects

To decide the winner of the 1200 award-winning projects in the ten projects involving sports, games, toys, experience, 3D printing, and other fields.

SKIIN: Intel Curie technology, just a simple installation can be an ordinary ski intelligent upgrade, it can provide helpful advice for skiers and quickly upgrade their skills;

-VR Force feedback vest full sense: the use of Intel technology Curie, by simulating the force that allows users to really feel the game / video effects to achieve the full immersive experience feelings;

BabyTalk doll voice interaction: Edison configured Intel computing platforms, with voice transmission, storytelling, smart repartee and other features that make the babbling stage of the child through the “press”, “hold” these instinctive movements interact;

Iris recognition access Neptune I: Intel Cedar Trail chip technology platform used, with pitch function, users can adapt to different height, can capture high-quality eye iris image and identified;

Non-contact head theater G2: Integrated Intel PSG FPGA technology, the use of half-naked eye stereoscopic viewing mode, users do not have to wear a display device, not a long time watching the halo does not flash, Lying enjoy 3D viewing experience;

Smart Golf: Intel high-performance computing systems, integration skeletal tracking, motion capture, gesture recognition technology, can be applied to segments of the golf sports, games, teaching;

Viagra super bubble projection V1: Built-in Intel Atom processor platform development board, business office no screen computers and smart home theater-in-one, using voice search, somatosensory interactive and other convenient mode of operation, so the demo is not restricted office make home entertainment more enjoyable;

HiSleep non-contact sleep monitoring device: Body thin, inexpensive, equipped with Intel Edison computing platform that can sleep monitoring data, the analysis of the formation of solutions to effectively enhance the quality of sleep;

Network cloud pancakes printer: Based on the Intel Curie technology, supporting professional software, to create various forms of pancakes, can be used to develop children’s ability, Personal Tailor, etc;

Human Simulation arm: built-in Intel Curie module development board Genuino 101, precision analog servo control arm movements, autonomous learning and the recording operation can be applied to telesurgery, AR games, applications and other industrial fields.

Among them, the simulation of human arm is open source. The development team Mostfun of CEO Chan Lui Chau said that this is a non-commercial project, its code, 3D model of the entire production process and all will be posted to Mostfun user community, all users can free access to this project making procedure code, then there is no hindrance to the second development again in this project basis.

Intel Support
Intel senior vice president and general manager of sales and Gregory Pearson Markets group, said Intel believes everything will be interconnected and intelligent, calculated by expanding the boundaries of technology, Intel is working to promote this trend change. The smart device, Intel believes that there are three parts of the key technologies required to provide to the customer record:

Calculations. There is no doubt that we must be intelligent computing to computing.

Network connection, it is also very important.

SENSOR. Take the real world with the world of smart linking.

Now a lot of new intelligent devices, including Intel’s Curie, in which a button-sized module provides compute, memory, flash memory, and Bluetooth, as well as 6-axis motion sensor and accelerator. So now creating innovative customer easier than ever before.

Of course, the smart device includes not only hardware, but also includes the software and services behind it, and the market to achieve mass production is a big challenge. Intel hopes to create an online platform to support the customer, from product development to production docking, to enter the market. Intel is not independent to complete these supports, but and partners together to complete (creators have settled in 50 guest partner).

Intel Corporation demonstrated hard to enjoy online docking feature: a passenger terminal in the mobile phone APP submit creative R & D needs, hard to enjoy the commune immediately to the resource partner for real-time analysis and matching, and “matchmaking” and successfully helped a foreign creators passenger found a like-minded with their Chinese business partner ecosystem. After pairing is complete, a customer can get the other side of the industry chain advantages of resources; enterprises an opportunity to outstanding creative realization of goods, to enrich its product line, enhance market competitiveness, but also for its development has injected fresh blood.

Poly Hong photoelectric IRISIAN (iris intelligent wireless lock Neptune I winning team) Altro Palace general manager, said from technology to product still requires a number of basic conditions, including the most stable hardware platform, the most powerful and most open partner of ecosystems, poly Hong photoelectric Luckily, these three points are equipped with Intel.