Laser Cutting Machine Remote Monitoring System


Laser cutting machines work in very harsh industrial environments with electromagnetic interference and unstable temperatures, which require a highly reliable network. At the same time, remote monitoring and sending fault alarm is also crucial to the project.


Project requirements

PLC, HMI and other field equipment networking of laser cutting machine

Remote diagnosis and maintenance 



USRIOT provide cellular solution which can meet the requirement totally.

The Ethernet module can realizes PLC and HMI connections through Ethernet ports. 

Ethernet module realizes remote maintenance of laser cutting machine.

Remote engineers can establish secure VPN channels between cloud software and serial device servers to realize PLC and HMI connect to Ethernet ports. 



Provide mutiple fiber ports + RJ45 ports option

Make sure accrate monitoring via real-time alarm through safety relay.

Work Temperature: -20°C~85°C

Easy to install


Serial Device Server

Serial device server monitoring the set port and waits for a TCP client connection.

The data sent by the serial device server is transmitted transparently through serial device server to all connected clients.

Serial device server initiates the TCP link to the IP address. If the connection fails, serial device server will keep trying to reconnect until it succeeds. If the link is successful, the server can realize bidirectional transparent transmission of data between serial device.