Leveraging big data smart home will open a new situation

In fact, not only is the Internet, the current field of things much attention has been talking about big data, cloud computing talk about, even from some definitions of things can also be seen, combined with the current computer networking advanced big data, cloud computing, information exchange and communication between objects and objects. Currently, we are talking about the smart home, smart home present form has not yet reached the true sense of the smart home. Before using the Smart Home wired transmission, not only time-consuming, and the cost is very high, elusive product. Currently, with the rapid development of networking technology, wireless smart home system began to market quickly.

At this stage, the smart home industry is still stuck in the wireless technology dispute, because each manufacturer uses a different smart home wireless technology standard, leading to interoperability between products can not be achieved. Many companies began to build smart home platform and ecosystem, looking to adopt unified standards-based unified eco-smart home platform, all interconnected. It can be said that the current competition in the smart home industry competition standards for wireless technology in the smart home industry, ZigBee, WiFi, Z-Wave and Bluetooth basic quarter of the world, but how to produce industry-standard, it must be produced in the market competition, as more suitable for smart home wireless technologies have a better life experience intelligent, wireless technology standard must be born in the market competition.

However, after the wireless technology, competition in the smart home industry will turn big data era. Big Data Why is this important?

From the future development trend of the industry, the current smart home still remain in the control plane. Admittedly, to achieve intelligent home control by other means (mobile terminals, voice interaction, intelligent robots, etc.), smart home industry is relatively common and very convenient mode of operation, but the direction of future development of smart home will be ” go mobile phone technology “that will get rid of intelligent home control, smart home every scene for the people are spontaneously touched. For example, one day a weekend morning, you get up at 9 o’clock set, then to nine in the morning, the curtain will automatically open, automatically begin the kitchen cooking breakfast, or even a gently soothing music sounded, triggering these scenarios are not It requires the user to control or otherwise orders. Because smart home device has been uploaded to the user’s habits cloud server data through users’ lives a habit of periodically computing and processing, smart home able to understand the needs of users and automatically executed, understand by “human” perspective to understand user. Other intelligent life scenes can so that these data can be a service business, only to seize the user knows how to serve users in order to better capture the market. Therefore, competition among enterprises for user data can be imagined.

On the other hand, the data representative of the market trends, learn more about user data, it is simply by user behavior data analysis and mining. In the networking industry to talk about big data, natural and ultimately intelligent hardware. Household users generated through the use of intelligent user data, user data processing and mining for the people, so the data is a soft resource, with smart home devices to play its greatest value. Manufacturers to produce value-added data services via data mining, data analysis to understand customer needs, improve data availability, so that the data exchange to produce smart home devices and flow, and even direct transactions, the data for enterprises is a moneymaker .

In the smart home platform and ecosystem of the establishment, there are already some companies to large data very seriously. Jingdong layout of the smart home industry, which itself does not produce intelligent hardware and smart home solutions, but to establish Jingdong + ecosystem, an open platform interface to accommodate more devices in the smart home smart home ecosystem Jingdong run, eco-smart home when Jingdong after the device capacity growth ring together will produce more valuable user data, which is very valuable. At the same time, including Huawei, Wulian (IOT sensing), Haier layout smart home industry enterprise, the integration of smart home cloud services and big data very seriously. Future smart home industry and competitive trends, must be stock data, analysis, mining and trading, will be the next big data outlet development of the networking industry.

The last point to be emphasized is that the role of big data the smart home industry is self-evident, make better use of data, accurate analysis of big data and security will be guaranteed. Through market competition to solve the smart home industry standard wireless technology, smart home industry under a vent – Big Data coming.