New smart home after another giant influx accelerate industrial upgrading

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco will be held June 13 to June 17, intelligent home control center hardware and software products become the focus of the General Assembly. In addition, Meizu will be held June 13 held a press conference, new or smart home related. Agency is expected as the industry standard gradually unify and promote the major technology giants, China’s smart home industry will form one hundred billion market size, parts enterprises, service providers and system integrators are expected to usher in development opportunities.

From the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive Yi, the recent research on intelligent home sector institutions more frequently. May 30, the main controller appliances and crystal technology in an investigation that the company will do the technical reserves and actively explore within the context of intelligent smart home hardware manufacturing business, the company plans to complete the docking interaction data segment . At the same time, with the power line carrier communication technology Neusoft carrier in an interview with the research, said the company independent research and development of power line carrier chip-based, providing a range of intelligence from the carrier chip carrier communication module, terminal products, mobile phone software to the cloud platform and other home solutions .

With the application integration of networking technology, and cloud computing technologies such as triple play, intelligent home function will gradually improve. Wherein the wireless smart home market is expected to occupy the mainstream. Wireless smart home installation is relatively simple, as long as the traditional switch into ZigBee intelligent switch single fire, with a wireless gateway, where appropriate electrical connections, lights, curtains and all kinds of sensors, you can achieve remote control switch.

In addition, the intelligent home as one of the important flow inlet, by major technology giant favor. Microsoft intervene earlier, the launch of HomeOS family operating system, mobile phone users to issue commands, can be realized on the indoor temperature, television cameras and control, to provide users with a unified management interface. In addition, Google previously announced $ 3.2 billion cash acquisition of smart home equipment company Nest, it is the intelligent home to a climax. Apple HomeKit, Google Android Home and other smart home platform, is expected to improve the current state of division, provides a holistic collaboration platform between the devices can work better together.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on the forthcoming Apple will launch for developers Siri-based software development kit that allows developers to integrate with third-party applications Siri, enabling voice interaction, artificial intelligence and other functions. In addition, Apple last year began the development of intelligent audio equipment, and integration with Apple’s Smart Home platform Homekit depth by integrating Siri, users can voice control smart home. Previously Apple introduced HomeKit smart home software that allows iPhone and iPad users through the application and Siri voice assistant services to control home appliances, such as lights, door locks and garage doors and the like. Taking into account Apple’s user base and service capabilities have mass, able to attract mainstream smart device makers access, there will be conducive to building a mature intelligent home model, and promote development of the industry.

Agency believes that the current power line carrier communication, WIFI and ZigBee and other mainstream smart home technology is more mature, smart home has been in a critical point of market introduction and growth stage. Is expected to 2018, China’s smart home market will reach 139.6 billion yuan, accounting for 32% of total global scale, related equipment companies will usher in a new development opportunity.