What occasions to use GPRS Modem?

GPRS Modem can be applied in many fields, including electricity, environmental protection, water conservancy, industrial, weather, traffic, security, mapping and other.

Although it described above so many GPRS applications. But from a practical point of view, the more we want to have some clear principles to determine a unified collection system is suitable for use GPRS ways to achieve data transmission.

1. Use only site wireless communications environment
When the next data acquisition equipment in the field need to work on the move or capture the scene in the field, etc., can not provide wired communication environment. This time, using the GPRS wireless network, it could be a good choice because the GPRS network coverage is now very high, most of the country have GPRS coverage.

2. Transmission distance field terminal dispersed
Since the GPRS network is a nationwide public network, using the GPRS to transmit data collected in the field is a big advantage point you can step through the country between the data center and on-site collection point distance unrestricted. Wireless public network communication (including GPRS / CDMA network, 3G network, etc.) This is a very significant advantage of private wireless communications network (such as digital radio, WiMax, WLAN, etc.) can not be achieved.

3. Appropriate data real-time requirements
Today’s GPRS networks, the transmission delay of several seconds of data range. In most of the time, the average overall GPRS data communication delay of about 2 seconds. That is, from the packet GPRS Modem sends will be approximately 2 seconds after arriving at the data center. On the contrary, from the data packet is roughly 2 seconds after arriving GPRS Modem.

Overall, GPRS this real-time to meet the requirements of most industrial applications. However, for certain applications, if you can not afford the average delay of about 2 seconds, then the GPRS communication mode may not be suitable. (In addition, the CDMA network transmission delay is one second is 2 seconds or so).

From another perspective, if we want to design a system to transmit data through the GPRS network, then it would delay the case this time to consider in the design of communication protocols.

4. Appropriate data communication rate
GPRS Modem data communication rate and the data center is generally between 10kbps-60kbps. In other words, GPRS Modem can continuously at a rate of 10bps-60kbps to transmit data from the center, and vice versa. (Additional information: The average rate of data communication domestic CDMA network can reach 40kbps-90kbps)

System reliability from the point of view, we believe that when the average data traffic system at the time of the application itself 30kbps or less, using the GPRS network for data transmission is more appropriate.

From another perspective, if we want to design a system to transmit data through the GPRS network, then you need to average the data traffic within the control of 30kbps.
(Note: The average duration of the communication speed and instantaneous communication rate here is different, and equipment serial port baud rate is not the same concept)

The above points can be used to determine whether the system is suitable for applications using GPRS network for data transmission, if these areas are more in line, then the data transmission using GPRS Modem is very appropriate.