Potential applications GSM modules in air cargo tracking and management of

Now, with the development of China’s air cargo business as a way to convert the timeliness, safety and convenience of the organic integration of management and customer service tools, the whole process of tracking cargo transportation management increasingly international air transport enterprises of importance as air cargo one of the core competitiveness of the business.

Traditional air cargo tracking and management of the whole process can be divided into general video feedback mode and monitor mode. In recent years, with the rapid advances in wireless communication technology, a more advanced tracking mode: GSM / GPS location tracking mode, the whole process of tracking and management has begun to enter the field.

Simply put, GSM / GPS location tracking mode refers to the airline at the time of collection, transportation of goods, to provide customers with a capable of transmitting and receiving GSM / GPS signal chip, the natural, the chip has two built-in GSM module and GPS module chip, while these two chips into the packaging of goods. Thereafter during transportation, the airline’s information system will be able to track the physical location of this consignment, and reflected in the information system or push the customer specified electronic devices.

Of course, strictly speaking, more or less above the three modes have advantages and disadvantages.

Wherein the feedback mode is the mode commonly used airline has mature technology, low operation and maintenance costs, information transmission and strong advantages, but there are also real-time performance is not strong, poor accuracy and other issues.

Video surveillance mode, the screen can be observed in real time to the site cargo operations, higher security, but expensive, information transmission is not strong, the limitations of the larger monitor.

The use of GSM module and a GPS module integrated positioning this new tracking mode, real-time strongest, highest security, the goods can be monitored at any time, place and other information. But now, because the technology is still in its infancy, there is a relatively high cost, the various national technical standards are not unified disadvantages like. I believe, in the future, with the mature technology, this new positioning tracking and management applications, will be further developed and promoted.