Quick Start for Serial to Ethernet Converter USR-DR302

Din-rail serial to USR-DR302 is used to realize data transparent transmission between Ethernet interface and the serial port and the protocol converter. The serial port is the RS485 data and in the Ethernet interface, it is the net data package. Users can configure the parameters via the webpage or set-up software, set one time and save forever.


The character is aimed at USR-DR302 quick introduce. The users are recommend to operating one time according to this character, and will have a system realize to the N520. Also you can choose the character which you are interested in. As to the details, please refer to the later characters


Product link:


Related software:

Setup software: https://www.usriot.com/support/downloads/usr-m0-setup-software-v224288.html 

Test software: https://www.usriot.com/support/downloads/usr-tcp-test-testing-software.html

Any question during testing, please submit it on our technical support center: http://h.usriot.com