Quick Start Guide of Ethernet to RS232/422/485 Serial Converter USR-TCP232-306

Quick Start Guide Ethernet TO RS232/422/485 Serial Converter MODEL USR-TCP232-306


1. Hardware Installation.

Use a standard Ethernet cable to connect the USR- TCP232-306 to an Ethernet router or connect it directly to a PC.

RS-232/422/485 can connect with a PC or other serial port device by serial cables.

hardware installation of USR-TCP232-306


2.Serial Port

RS-232 DB9 Male Port

DB9 Male Port

DB9 Male port

Pin No. 2 3 5 1,4,6,7,8 9
Definition RXD TXD GND NC Default is NC, but it can be worked as power pin.

RS-485: A/B; RS 422: T+/T-/R+R

how to set rs485 rs422 port


3.Software Installation 

Download Setup/Test program from

Install Virtual COM software- VCOM http://www.usriot.com/p/serial-device-servers-rs232-rs485- rs422-to-ethernet/

Note: Be sure you have administrative rights and disable any firewalls/anti-virus software when install software.


4. Configure USR-TCP232-306

Assign a static IP address to your computer in the to range. Mask This is necessary to ensure that your computer can communicate with your USR-TCP232-306. ■ The default IP address is Open your web browser and enter this IP to connect with 306 for configure

Default Parameters
User Name admin
Password admin
IP address
Work Mode TCP Client
Local Port 0
Baud Rate 115200
Target Port 8234
Target IP
Parity bit/Data bit/Stop bit None/8/1