On the return value of car networking

With the continuous development of the global economy and the automotive industry, the rapid increase in car ownership, and brought road traffic safety, traffic congestion and air pollution and other problems have become increasingly prominent, serious traffic problems affecting the socio-economic development and people’s lives quality. To address these problems, the transport sector in different countries and regions to develop intelligent transport systems and smart car technology through scientific management of road traffic, improve road safety, improve the utilization of the road to ease traffic congestion, reduce vehicle emissions achieve synergy carriageway, so networking concept car is in this context produced. Thus, from a macro perspective, the value of the car networking to solve road traffic safety, ease traffic pressure, reduce exhaust emissions and car road collaboration. From a consumer perspective, the value of the car networking to provide safe, convenient and comfortable driving experience, economical and reasonable car and vehicle maintenance costs as well as effective management, these are directly reflected in the value of car networking, addition outside, car networking there is additional value, the value of these large data from vehicle networking analysis. We want to talk about the value of networking car return, we must first understand the value in networked car itself, the car only by understanding the value of networking itself, before talking about the value of networking vehicle return.

Understand the value of networking the car, we have to think about a problem, the car network who used directly? The answer is definitely the consumer, then we need to think of car networking value of the return from the consumer’s point of view.

Influence consumers to buy a car of many factors, in addition to “brand”, “safety” factor is the concern of consumers. Automotive safety measures can be roughly divided into active safety measures (to prevent accidents) and passive safety measures (to reduce the consequences of the accident). Whether active or passive safety safe for consumers, are very important, but early consumer passive safety requirements (such as collision protection test soft and hard protective body structure) is much higher than on the needs of active safety, with the continuous development of technology to enhance consumer awareness of consumer safety thinking from initially considered only the impact resistance of the vehicle, and now understand and accept the active safety measures, consumer ideas, consumption concept and consumption patterns have been Mai a new level, active safety conscious consumers significantly enhanced.

Secure Content from the current vehicle networking can provide, the main or active safety measures, these security measures, although there have been a praised the phenomenon, it is difficult for consumers to pay for these items, but now the market has been cultivated, consumer ideas into the car networking should return the value itself.

Changes in consumption concept requires us to user needs as the basis, not only to meet the needs of sales because of demand from the automotive manufacturers and channels, to their benefit and value. Enterprises must pay attention to the needs of consumers, research user needs, to meet the needs of users, because the end user is the user vehicle networking.

At present, the whole society to mention the Internet in mind, car networking industry is no exception. Internet thinking there are five key words, are convenient, participation, free, thinking, data and user experience. About the user experience, the Internet thinking emphasized by enabling rapid iteration of products to enhance the user experience focus on the spirit, so to win the reputation of the user. Domestic car networking products, the pursuit of functional diversity, evaluate the quality of products in the industry that is actually much more than functionality, not experience good, this is a current vehicle networking industry’s main problems. The user experience, car networking industry really need to learn the Internet thinking, focus, extreme ideology, do subtraction, and achieve rapid iteration of the product. Not a good user experience, even the best values ​​also play out.

Of course, not all Internet thinking is completely suitable vehicle networking. Internet industry has a famous saying that “De Cock wire world”, if used in car networking industry, even with the “Cock wire” to get the car a networked world it? Obviously not, because the main consumer, “Cock wire” is not a car networking group. The most advanced technology are often the first on the use of high-end models, never in the low-end models use precedent. Based on purchasing power considerations, car networking should let some people get to use. In fact the Internet industry in order to “Cock silk”, has been plunged into a price war quagmire can not extricate themselves, vehicle networking industry vehicle machine market has long been caught in a price war, and intensified the long run, how to ensure the quality of products and service? Ultimately harm or the interests of consumers. Although the machines are mobile phones and car side, but the mobile phone and the vehicle computer have different properties, using different scenarios, therefore, can not copy the contents of your phone completely up to the vehicle computer, nor can the Internet thinking of copying to networked car .

Currently, for consumers, meaning the car’s status gradually weakened, the pursuit of high quality of life are becoming owners of view of consumption, superior security and power, fuel economy, comfortable driving experience as well as the purchase and maintenance costs is the main factor in choosing cars owners. Therefore, do car networking to stand in the user’s perspective to think, to return the car to the value of networking itself.

Car as a means of transport, its core value is safety and power, economy and comfort, therefore, needs to be done in terms of research power control, chassis control and the car body. Not affect the car’s core values ​​is the car networking, but the most basic design and manufacturing technology, therefore, for car prices, the development of networking and the car can not be limited to seize the car that a screen, not to the big screen and the big screen In order to networking and the Internet. Car prices should be based on the overall vision, according to their own advantage, really closely together car networking and car. By car networking technology, on the one hand we continue to optimize the engine, gearbox and chassis technology, giving the driver a better driving experience, on the other hand, by car networking technology to optimize vehicle performance while also improving the overall design of the car and manufacturing level, this is the car networking value.

From the traffic point of view, the ultimate goal of Intelligent Transport Systems and Telematics agreement, is to improve road safety, improve the utilization of the road, reduce energy consumption, reduce vehicle emissions, thereby helping to create people, vehicles, roads and effective collaboration. To improve road safety, it is necessary to achieve interoperability between cars and trucks, vehicles and road infrastructure, vehicles and pedestrians, etc. between. The purpose of the inter-vehicle communication is to realize the driving assistance, such as lane drifting reminder, Lane Keeping Assist, anti-collision reminder function. Driving assistance system is the practical application of vehicle networking, car networking while also improving usability and social benefits of driver assistance systems. Currently ADAS Advanced driver assistance systems has been gradually applied to the vehicle terminal, the terminal has not been achieved since the vehicle networking functions, thus only realized the active safety of the vehicle. For a single vehicle concerned, ADAS enhanced driver’s driving safety, but other vehicles in the vicinity of the vehicle has not been relevant safety warnings. If implemented networking between vehicles, once a vehicle is found in front of an obstacle in front of the road vehicle or abnormal needs and the line, after the vehicle in front so you can easily remind both sides of the car and the rear of the vehicle, to ensure the safety of nearby traffic of all vehicles . Therefore, if there is no communication driver assistance systems, cars and between cars it does not make sense. Only after the vehicle networked through driver assistance systems and dynamic traffic information, in order to improve road safety, to ensure smooth traffic and reduce congestion of the vehicle, it will be reduced due to the traffic jam caused by exhaust emissions, so as to achieve the car effective synergies between road, this car can achieve intelligent network traffic, increase social benefits. Thus, the car is due to networking, intelligent transportation is a result of the development of car networking intelligent transportation must take into account, that is, the return value of car networking.