The right to speak standard Chinese Internet of Things improved significantly

In the recently held “2016 International Open IOT technology and standards Summit“, the Ministry of Information Industry Science and Technology Department Deputy Director Amy HL and said China has completed more than 200 basic Internet of Things focus the use of international standards project, China dominated completed a number of Internet of Things to international standards, the right to speak the international standard-setting has improved significantly.

Internet of Things is a highly integrated and comprehensive application of a new generation of information technology, a new round of industrial revolution and economic and social green, smart and sustainable development of great significance. In recent years, the State Council and relevant ministries attaches great importance to the development of the networking industry, the State Council issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the healthy and orderly development of the Internet of Things,” the establishment and development of things joint departmental advisory committee of experts, co-ordination and guidance material networking industry.
Industry and Information Technology Division Deputy Director Amy HL

  Industry and Information Technology Division Deputy Director Amy HL

Amy HL According to reports, China’s relevant departments to develop and implement 10 development of Internet of Things special action plan to strengthen research and development, strengthen technical standards development and application demonstration, etc., to second five at the end, has been formed, including chips, components, equipment, software, systems integration, operation, use of services, including a relatively complete industrial chain of Internet of Things.

By 2015, Chinese Internet of things industry reached 750 billion yuan M2M connections exceeded 100 million, accounting for 31% of the global total, becoming the world’s largest market, at the same time, technological innovation has made significant breakthroughs in chips, sensors, intelligent terminals, middleware architecture, standards development and other fields has made a large number of scientific research.

Amy HL noted, accelerate the establishment of standard system of things, China has completed more than 200 basic Internet of Things focus the use of international standards project, China completed a number of leading international standard of Internet of Things, the right to speak the international standard-setting has improved significantly.

Currently, the Internet of Things has entered a new stage of development of all things, by 2020, the global number of connections will reach ten billion scale, Chinese Internet of things industry will exceed 1.5 trillion yuan.

In industry, the manufacturing sector has become an important field of application of the Internet of Things, countries have proposed the development of the Internet industry and Industry 4.0, China proposed the building of manufacturing power, network power, to promote supply-side structural reforms to CPS as the representative of Things intelligent information technology It plays an important role in terms of the transformation and upgrading manufacturing intelligence, networking, services, and so on. In the consumer area, car networking, home health, intelligent hardware, wearable devices and other consumer demand will be more active, driven networking and other cutting-edge technology continues to fusion, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies continue to make new breakthroughs in the field of construction of smart city Internet of things is the wisdom basic elements of urban architecture and modular units, the city has become a smarter auto-sensing, rapid response, critical infrastructure and important scientific decision-making support.

Amy HL stressed that “in the next step, we will build an internationally competitive industrial system through four aspects to accelerate and deepen the economic and social integration of networking and development, support and manufacturing power power network construction.

First, government guidance, business-oriented, focusing on building the infrastructure core technology controlled, advanced technology products, the joint development of medium and small enterprises, cloud computing, big data and other new form of fusion innovation ecosystem.

Second, in the field of industrial manufacturing and consumer areas of modern agriculture, and intelligent home health services to promote the use of a number of integrated solutions, the formation of a number of large-scale, special use form interdisciplinary field of intelligence and data open in urban construction and management sharing mechanism, the development of Internet of Things.

Third is to support the field of leading Internet service use, chip manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and other companies to use the Internet platform service model integrated perception manufacture, use services and other upstream and downstream industry chain, forming a complete solution, and carry out service operations, and promote the relevant technical standards and accelerate product iteration, the solution continues to mature, the declining cost of promoting the use of scale development.

Fourth, we continue to support all kinds of Internet of Things industry and technology development alliance, to guide alliance to strengthen cooperation and resource sharing, and promote cross-industry standardization organizations jointly developed standards to strengthen intellectual property management and technology transfer in order to dispose of diffusion for the purpose of promoting the production and demand docking, effective integration of upstream and downstream industry chain collaborative innovation.