Security is the largest smart home smart lock or just need to entrance

While it is generally agreed that the smart home is a one trillion blue ocean market, but a lot of our team tried a variety of strokes, smashed a lot of money, or tall door stays.

As household consumption over the next decade the most important economic scene, eco-smart home industry chain, including smart appliances, communications, interactive voice technology, fingerprint identification technology and other technology providers, and a variety of strange new intelligent hardware manufacturers; there is electricity Suppliers crowdfunding platform, offline distribution channels.

First, just to be the largest smart home is “intelligent security” rather than “smart appliances”
Smart home once set the tone for a “living room economy”, many domestic appliance manufacturers to enter the smart home market is the vanguard. TVs, air conditioners, air purifiers, drinking fountains, sweeping robots and other devices connected to the WIFI, Bluetooth installed after, by the smart phone to control; Because you can directly enhance the smart phone market share and the system uses a viscous, in the field of intelligent home often we see mobile phone manufacturers active figure.

However, the concept of smart home hot, flashy products, consumers do not buy it, there is no real reshape people’s home life forms. The reason is: First, a lot of smart home products just added a networking function, the user does not hit the pain points; Second, at this stage to accept the smart home are mostly urban rich young man, for the elderly, new tricks down as it is cumbersome; then deduct most of China’s rural households, the market size is relatively narrow; again, update iteration appliances is short, such as the user just bought a 4K TV, has played a popular TV surfaces. In addition, a lot of smart appliances open rates is limited, such as the number of people watching television less and less, the air purifier in fog and haze before opening.

Intelligent security in the smart home more and more weight, intelligent security equipment such as access control, intelligent locks, cameras can be a large data and Internet, cloud services and other connected products to upgrade capabilities of smart products. Relatively speaking for smart appliances, smart security smart home camp has great potential, and its advantage is reflected in:

  1. the mass of home users: security is the most primitive of the basic needs of every family, whether in urban rural areas, people are more willing to invest in security, often the more insecure the more wealthy in recent years, high-end residential smart security systems, has become one of the main selling points of sales of real estate developers.
  2. strong demand and real pain point: According to Ministry of Public Security statistics, the annual loss due to burglary family caused up to 1.13 trillion yuan. Especially with the demolition of the wall, and then build an open community of policy implementation, the probability of theft theft surge community, intelligent security needs of urban households will be more vigorous.
  3. the use of high-frequency viscosity: People often do not easily change the locks and other security devices, life cycle up to 5-8 years. Concerned family, personal and property safety, user-level security and networking equipment intelligent security sensitive posts.

Second, the potential to become a smart home smart lock the “entry” of
Unlike mechanical lock intelligent lock, through proximity card, digital code, fingerprint lock. As a person unique biological fingerprint password lock on the widely used, so as to open the door to become the iPhone screen with fingerprints convenient, greatly enhance the level of security and convenience degree.

Security is the largest smart home smart lock or just need to entrance

Fingerprints will not worry about being stolen or copied, and thus more secure; do not have to go out again to check whether forgotten my key; the work or in the field through the intelligent lock APP view out into the family situation; visits by relatives and friends to view visual camera when using a mobile phone remote unlocking; also to manage multiple intelligent fingerprint password lock on the APP; rental housing tenants can automatically add or remove fingerprints without having to change the lock cylinder; especially families fingerprint can be stored in the “private cloud” on.

Data show that Europe accounts for civil locks electronic locks 50%, Korea’s penetration rate of smart lock 80%, while fingerprint wisdom in our household penetration rate of less than 2 percent of China’s estimated 350 million households, lock installed capacity increased by 5 per %, can bring 17.5 million in sales, generated sales of about $ 14 billion; the huge growth potential for the international market well-known brands such as fingerprint system Deshi Man, Germany, the United States Department of Yale, South Korea-based Samsung and so speed up to seize the Chinese market, the pace of the smart lock.

Taobao crowdfunding, crowdfunding and Baidu search Jingdong heat can be seen, for the rapid rise in consumer awareness and acceptance of smart lock, smart lock of some items not previously available in the debut, became the crowdfunding field, “dark horse” : small tick cloud intelligent lock crowdfunding has nearly 20.52 million; unlock mode set fingerprint, proximity cards, passwords, etc. in one of the i8 will be up to raise 1.64 million; the main micro-channel control with fingerprint section Gil raise 542,000 and so on.

Smart Lock venture financing ushered in the spring, the well-known brand of intelligent lock Gill, Yale lock was acquired by the Swedish giant ASSA ABLOY, industry resources integration efforts intensified. According to reports, the small tick cloud intelligent lock in March 2016 to get A round of 123 million yuan financing, more than the previous pole meters without screen TV in the field of intelligent home hit A round 100 million maximum financing records, representing the smart home of breakthrough trend of smart appliances to the smart field of security from being transferred. Compared with many other smart home hardware, is the essence of smart lock “Lock of the Internet”, and is considered a rare family entrance Internet:

  1. fingerprint encryption, APP texting, cloud intelligent network alarm so that the security level is much higher than lock mechanical locks, fingerprints instead of the traditional key, the product experience more convenient;
  2. Smart Lock as a personal fingerprint ID can connect to other hardware smart home, smart home product sales pull door sensor, window magnetic, intelligent control, intelligent light control, smart thermostats and smoke detectors, automatic curtains, both have entrepreneurial the company started the necessary severe vertical, but also with the depth of the potential ecological chain;
  3. Smart Lock replacement cycle for 5–8 years, between a large number of smart home products linked to each other to form a family of things for a sufficient time.

Third, the domestic outbreak of intelligent lock industry also need to overcome three major difficulties
Smart home market has not yet appeared a unicorn company, investors can change the smart home smart lock false fire situation high hopes. Smart Lock This intelligent hardware product technology, supply chain, channel sales, service and other aspects there are still enormous challenges to millions of households can eventually overcome the need to control products, channels, service three major difficulties.

QC Off: Smart lock more complex than ordinary mechanical locks production processes and technology, industry chain lock factory party cloud service side, fingerprint algorithm technology, APP program development, communication protocols, among other factors will affect the battery Lock performance quality. Currently on the market to buy a few small factories hastily implemented after the module assembly production line.

In fact, as intelligent locks electromechanical integration products, to be up more than three years of technology manufacturing experience, we can ensure that mold and accessories stability and precision; only achieve large-scale production in order to reduce the marginal cost of intelligent lock change Situation intelligent lock current high prices. Smart Lock fingerprint algorithm accuracy is extremely high, up in the same high-precision algorithms while improving the speed is the key to unlocking the fingerprint lock. Because saved fingerprint identification, updates are dependent on the “cloud”, “cloud” side become intelligent lock remote lock, false lock alarm, message push, message logging hub query intelligence capabilities, so the cloud service provider Select is also particularly important.

Channel OFF: Most intelligent lock chose crowdfunding online store or direct sales form, this pure electric business model ignores the value of traditional channels. In a short time in order to achieve rapid popularization of intelligent locks should be strong integration of the line has been established reseller channel resources. In the early stages of market development, the majority of consumers are still unfamiliar intelligent lock, intelligent lock installation is home to rational decision-making, blindly online promotion, promotional hard-wide model would be difficult to work. Direct Smart Lock set up shop experience, or in cooperation with channel home building materials, hardware store, store display shop, on-site experience to drive sales even more ground gas.

Off service: in different geographical environments, intelligent lock fire, cold, rain, etc. have different standards; smart lock households into the locks on different conditions, such as matching the desired thickness of different security doors are not the same, install or lock repair required professional sales staff on-site service.

Because of the popularity is the trend of smart lock, smart lock out some of the new brand on the market, leaving aside how production capacity, require a huge capital investment in terms of ground services. And this, from the traditional enterprise started lock companies showed comparative advantage, online and offline O2O wheel drive lock mode is more suitable for intelligent sales and services, such as Chi worry-free service to send a single online platform, and then by line supplier or service personnel at home to provide after-sales service.

In the long term, competitive trump card intelligent lock market will depend on the next line of product quality and supply chain service system, the foundation of who the stronger, the more you can get a premium brand and home users trust; and then extended to other smart home field when it has more potential. Smart Lock can become a breakthrough in smart home, take the family to get through from the important task of things yet to be tested by the market.