Serial Device Server Selection Guide

Cost-effective series, high reliability series, multi-serial port high reliability series of serial device server



Integrated industrial equipment to Ethernet bidirectional data transmission, protocol conversion is completed by the serial device server, it only needs a simple setup and external power supply to complete the data forwarding. It is easy to use and an edge tool for the serial port device to access the Internet.



Socket transparent transmission, HTTPD, MQTT and other transmission

Industrial-grade design, optimized TCP/IP stack, data transmission is stable and reliable

Built-in web pages, custom web pages and other auxiliary software


Differences among series:

Number of interface types: independent RS232/485, integrated RA232/485/422 optional, multiple interfaces

Functional complexity: highly reliability series hardware resources, can achieve complex data transmission and processing functions


Application scenarios:

Electrical fire alarm, intelligent environmental control, computer room monitoring, etc