Smart family home penetration is only 0.77% advance into a price war

Smart home trend seems to be starting in 2014, but quickly fell silent, regardless of the technology sector heavyweights Google’s Nest, or Apple’s HomeKit have not caused great repercussions market, on the contrary, intelligent home, but under similar product development, quickly into a price war. Such a trend, really reasonable? Recently, the reporter interviewed Singapore’s emerging smart home device developers WisQo’s CEO Yang Wenxin, in his view, based on the user experience, the actual function of the penetration of smart home products, is the big moment problems smart home vendors should be most concerned about, or the smart home will not have a future.

Household penetration rate is only 0.77%

Yang Wenxin, currently the world, smart home market share of only 15 billion US dollars, while the average cost of a single family as the smart home up to $ 1,500, thereby calculating, intelligent home household penetration in the world is only 0.77%, which seems to indicate the smart home has a very much longer way to go.

But the market is not calm, in Yang Wenxin opinion, with the globalization of infrastructure investment on the rise, while the loss of the world’s oil resources, environmental pollution has caused a problem looming, including government and personal attention of consumers, regardless of economic level, or the political level, the environmentally friendly green home market will enter a period of development. “But the ideal smart home, we need to make use of technology to use more convenient, cost as low as possible to learn, dependence on external conditions as possible, otherwise it does not make sense.”

Smart family home penetration is only 0.77% advance into a price war

Yang Wenxin so difficult to understand is, now, the major companies have introduced products based on intelligent hardware independent single product, from the electronic sphygmomanometer, smart weight, intelligent lighting and other “smart piles of a single product, similar products function, low penetration market context, there is no suspense to the price war began to wash away the market in the process, especially millet and other manufacturers, under the premise of no profit, so the smart home start a price war, and the user experience, the actual enhance the applications have been placed in a secondary position the business model, which is a very dangerous signal. ”

In Yang Wenxin opinion, “In the current situation of low household penetration, it shines smart home market is a conservative estimate of 30% annual compound rate of increase. This means that the smart home will be bigger and bigger piece of the cake, each participant has the opportunity to get their own piece of cake. in this case, a better experience, better functionality, increased penetration of smart home is supposedly the most important concern. ”

The need for meaningful home life

The current smart home market confusion, also means that any product has a new design, better experience, markets are likely to become the focus of attention. “Sentence summary consumers most in need of smart home, those who do not disregarded consumer products, consumers can solve pain points.” Yang Wenxin, as early as last September, WisQo they completed the first in Shanghai in China project, a city located in Pudong, Shanghai hospital upgrading the overall alarm system.

Recently, WisQo more in Shanghai launched a new five, passive intelligent light control, intelligent alarm, intelligent security, disease prevention, indoor environmental monitoring system, the main characteristics of the batteries are not passive, want users to spend less, enjoy more under the premise of many smart home begin to enjoy the convenience of this new technology, but also with Shanghai companies a strategic cooperation.

“All the products, not just a new feature, every time it is on the whole understanding of the industry, with the focus on the consumer market.” Yang Wenxin said, “such as making an independent home care, home rehabilitation easier, that is Social valuable help for life, but also hit the angle of consumer pain points. ”

In Yang Wenxin opinion, postoperative rehabilitation patients, independent home care for the elderly after a decline in physical function, need to change the environment around them in order to adapt to life, such as moving the switch position, increase prevention alarm, but nothing in the conventional construction, in addition to his method, then the smart home will be able to better address this issue, but also can be applied to green construction, electronics, medical and other fields. “Can be seen from this case, all the innovation, only to meet consumer demand, improve the living, it may win in-depth understanding of consumers, industry, engineering technology + + electronic information technology is something meaningful to society these innovative front is the blue ocean, price competition will never win the future. “