Smart Home and Wifi Module (three)

Abstract: the article introduces reasons of popularity of smart home wifi module,and state the positioning difference between smart home wifi module and industrial wifi module

ti wifi module

Why wifi module is so popular?

A few years ago,wifi module was not applied in smart home products, mostly used in the field of industrial communication.when the Internet companies firmly believe that wifi module is the future of smart home, they start to grab the market.And finally the situation changes.

Now price of wifi module lowers to 20 yuan,even 1 yuan in China.You know the price of wifi module was up to hundred yuan last year.Smart socket embedded with wifi module has been sold to 69 yuan.

Why people choose wifi module?

Wifi is the most suitable communication method for smart home products.And wifi module can help appliances connect to the Internet and carry out wifi communication. Home appliance enterprises embed wifi module into their products.and they can enter smart communication field soon.

Difference between smart home wifi module and industrial wifi module

Wifi module can be divided into two categories according to product position:

1. Wifi module applied in smart home products (short for smart home wifi module)

2. Wifi module applied in industrial communication (short for industrial wifi module)

In terms of level

1. smart home wifi module: generally for business solution, low demand for environment

2. industrial wifi module: for industrial solution, adapt to any severe environment

In terms of performance

1. smart home wifi module: small communication data and low requirement for performance

2. industrial wifi module: adapt to any application; can realize reception,packaging and forwarding of mass data

In terms of internal firmware

1. smart home wifi module: encapsule transmission protocol, provide data transmission,connect cloud server

2. industrial wifi module: data received by serial will not be encapsuled, it will transmit to the other end of network.

In terms of application difficulty

1. smart home wifi module: suitable for secondary development, if only familiar with the specific development environment of the module.

2. industrial wifi module: do not need secondary development, if only serial sends data to module