Smart Home and Wifi Module (two)

Abstract: this article introduces communication solution of smart home and private opinion on the rise of smart home.

Wifi module is the entrance to smart home?

Wifi module is the entrance to smart home

When it comes to communication solution of smart home,there are four solutions including bluetooth, zigbee, wifi and 433 wireless.Due to communication distance of bluetooth and inaccurate feedback of 433 wireless communication, these solutions have been used rarely.

Actually, zigbee solution has been widely applied in smart home products in the earliest time. Even now,there are many zigbee products.Actually wifi has a congenital advantage;wifi can directly connect to the Internet. And now every family has a wifi router.But because wifi cost is relatively higher, and power consumption and volume of wifi hinders its development.

If using zigbee solution, even if you only buy one smart device, you must buy an additional zigbee network equipment.what is worse is that zigbee communication is less stable than wifi communication.With the increase of wifi attention,cost reduction of semiconductor and appearance of low power small size solution,the advantage of the wifi becomes more and more obvious.

After the wifi solution is determined, everyone begins to look for the entrance to smart home.The first is intelligent router and then the smart socket,and now the wifi module.

Wifi module for smart home product

1. USR-WIFI232-T this module has features of small size, low power consumption and low price, single-row needle design can let intelligent hardware products with volume requirements make a good use of space;


2. USR-C322 this module is currently the lowest power wifi module with deep dormancy power of 25uA and working power of 3.5mA.In addition, C322 is a high-performance wifi module based on TI Cortex-M4 kernel. Although its price is much higher than – T, there are no alternatives to USR – C322 for high-end smart products.

ti wifi module

Why smart home is so popular now?

smart home

The concept of smart home is not new to us.but why it is popular in these years.

First, I think we should thank Steve Jobs for opening the era of smartphone. Since then,there has been more demand for intelligence.Secondly. Apple HomeKit and Google acquires Nest, which brings out great influence to smart home industry. Third,domestic internet companies popularize smart home concept with great efforts. Finally, there appears abundant smart hardware companies In 2014.