Smart Home bombarded: After Google Home Apple has prepared a big move?

Google has just released at I / O 2016 Developers Conference on a vote of new applications and services, highlights is to strengthen all aspects of the service experience through artificial intelligence, including mobile applications, smart home, virtual reality and other aspects. Clearly, Google plan’s vision is wonderful, attractive, smart home, etc. are also reap the opportunities, but apparently, this year’s science and technology PK is not over, Apple WWDC conference will soon be held in June.

Some details on the WWDC is currently unclear, but in the I / O after 2016, Apple apparently need to come up with some real Mengliao to be able to shock developers and consumers. Yes, Google released a lot of the big move, not only to deal with Apple, the need to find a way beyond.

Apple must first get smart home

The new hardware appears on the I / O 2016 is not much, most attractive Google Home. It looks very similar to Amazon Echo, but more stylish, more intelligent, the latest intelligent assistant application seamlessly integrates Google, which means that its search capability, voice recognition capabilities are extremely powerful. Smart home compatibility, Google’s own Nest undoubtedly bear the brunt, I believe that with Google’s appeal will attract more companies to join.

In contrast Apple, HomeKit seem to develop a bottleneck, and did not really caught the attention of consumers. In fact, since the iPod, iPhone release, Apple rarely hugely successful hardware and services, perhaps in 2001 is part of digital music players, smart phones in 2007 is the first year, then 2016? Clearly no longer a smart phone, maybe smart home, virtual reality, or artificial intelligence, but Apple did not show for the product.

Gizmodo believes, but in the field of intelligent home, the future of people probably do not need the phone, intelligent, servo voice equipment is clearly more potential, which greatly simplifies the operation experience, Google, Amazon and other companies have come in front. Apple do? HomeKit published two years, has been in place, the current market device compatibility is still limited, and there is no news about Apple’s new smart home center devices, Apple TV might have a chance, but people still need it by remote control to talk to Siri.

WWDC held less than a month from the time, even if Apple decided not to enter the virtual reality market, should develop smart home. According to the current news of view, iOS 10 will undoubtedly occur, but details unclear. In addition to focus on the evolution of the system itself and upgrading, Apple really needs to improve its services, after all, the world has changed, Apple also needs to follow the changes.