Smart home constantly traced the problem is the lack of personnel and technical

Smart home concept is very hot, flashy products, but consumers do not buy it, there is no real reshape people’s home life forms. In fact, the intelligent home is not a very new concept, there is the concept of smart home of the eighties and nineties appear, through a central control, each appliance, each device connected to it, which is very project-oriented products, interactivity is not strong. On the other hand, the early smart home networking is not just a process of automation can not achieve true intelligence. However, any product in the initial period are very good, to the post with the use of frequency increases, improper use or other reasons, the product began to malfunction problem. This time, the maintenance problem is prominent.

Why the lack of talent in the field of intelligent home?

Smart Home is a high-tech product, thanks to the support of networking technology, unlike traditional home, just to find fault the maintenance of the master, the user will be able to home maintenance. It involves the expertise very wide, it is the need for professional and technical personnel can carry out maintenance, debugging.

However, the development of smart home industry now has three decades of history, education smart home market is still lagging behind the stage, leading the smart home market sales maintenance and technical personnel are scarce. Smart home site found that many manufacturers in the recruitment, it is often difficult to spend lots of money to hire a professional talent, leading manufacturers in the smart home is equipped with smart home maintenance and technical personnel is very scarce. Faced with the huge daily sales service customer base, it is difficult to arrange for timely repair the customer’s home.

Lack of technical personnel caused by the slow development of the smart home

And if it is the buyers with a good smart home system, and more from the property name in the IT department or service classes for maintenance and management. Community service class professional Cohesion does not close and intelligent docking differences, let them in the face of complex smart home system, often very difficult and this is a common problem in the field of use.

Maintenance resources and intelligent home system devices can not equate match, so the use of smart home left its mark, making use of the process is difficult to repair the smart home system has become fragile. Over time, it is easy to let the smart home industry finally done for the reputation ruined once.

How to improve the plight of lack of talent?

  1. The ability of enterprises to establish a reliable after-sales channel mechanism system, culture can achieve a simple installation and maintenance of technical capacity channel distributors.
  2. The case many years of service into the practical operation of teaching programs, training and research and development related products and personnel training textbooks.Lack of technical personnel caused by the slow development of the smart home
  3. The “old” with “new”, provided by experienced industry personnel with multi-angle, multi-faceted education sessions to explain the smart home, and knowledge to guide the project site case.
  4. Cooperation between Universities and business, work together to build smart home education-related professional, rapid and improve the plight of lack of talent Repairs smart home industry. Although currently some colleges and universities have started networking technology-related professions, but training of personnel Quefei of power overnight. Among the market for technical personnel has been in a state of hunger, and the gap up to 10 million.