Smart home evolutionary map: What is the ultimate form?

With the concept of smart home hot, which filled the various news topic page. But so far, there are a lot of people do not know what smart home Yes. Because the existing smart home concept is to carve each segment are marked by intelligent home title. On the other hand, based on feedback from end users, their eyes and think smart home smart home system is not available, or existing smart home will not achieve the end-user expectations. Their expectations should be achieved in the second stage or the third stage.

Specific smart home which is divided into three stages, the following is my personal understanding and a prediction.

The first song – the primary stage

The first stage, which is the current phase, which gives the deepest impression should be smoke and mirrors. Product line dispersion, platform-independent, technical standards are not uniform, and the control is not smart enough. Specific existing smart home is the individual product segments each form a separate control line. For example, security products, electrical products, smart locks, home appliances & control. Enterprises in various sectors has its own set of control system. Platform-independent means, can not be exchanged between the existing server platform provider, such as platform linking Nanjing and Shenzhen wisdom cat was not universal among each other. Technical standards are not uniform means that the end product using different wireless technologies, such as domestic use more of Zigbee, Z-wave, 433 / 315M, no standard transmission technology is also an important cause of the platform is not compatible. Intelligent control is not enough, a lot of end users Tucao point, smart home simply can not be regarded as intelligent, can only be considered on a remote control, a few days ago a friend asked me smart home should be renamed as remote home. It makes me not argue, not to mention the current smart home really smart.

Smart home this stage should end by mobile remote control home electrical equipment, or receive their feedback, the only smart thing might reflect on the scene and on the application timing. But with the various sensors and cameras capture perfect technology will gradually enter the second phase.

The second song – intelligent stage

With the real needs of various segments of industry consolidation and related technical harmonization of standards and end-markets. Smart home has entered the intelligent in the true sense. This will include a variety of sensors, voice control, video capture. A control terminal of the app is essential but its more feedback and corrective action. This phase induction sensors used in a large number of households surroundings and feedback to the control panel and automatic control, such as lighting control, air-conditioning temperature and mode control, curtain control, etc. These actions do not require the user to operate automatically but will be. This phase of the voice control a large number of applications, because the automatic controls are limited to a certain scene, it was headed in the time required to boil water or turn on the TV. Directly by voice control, this stage may be electrical products will no longer require smart (no internal wireless module), as each is equipped with electrical or wireless module voice module, directly through the control center control (or voice) without longer necessary intermediate bridge (electrical products).

This phase of a large number of security devices may also exit the application stage. With the advancement and improvement of camera recognition technology, in addition, updated network transmission technology iterations. Traditional door sensor and infrared for security will be replaced by cameras. Privacy issues regarding the camera, through the improvement of recognition technology, can be one of their own activities rather than shielding the local transport to the cloud, or just shoot to transmit data to the cloud when a stranger appears. This phase will achieve product integration, platform sharing, standardization, intelligent control.

The third song – AI

This phase may subvert the entire second stage created by the smart home system, or the second phase of the inventions of the highest form of centralized integration. Home robot appears, all the sensors, voice control, the camera focused on a robot body. It can be considered the second stage is the robot control host, but all the accessories are focused on the control panel – the formation of a robot. All sensing and control by the robots. And the completion of the dialogue between man and man, and received instruction.

The ultimate stage (rumor) – regardless of the display unit

With biotechnology, the human brain analysis and application of DNA technology, the robot fully simulate the human brain and human brain is capable of sensing, may someday robots will substitute for all jobs, it is not limited to the smart home . Then the robot will be forced to rewrite the law and order completely subvert the existing social rules that is stored. At that time the man-machine war may really occur, this is something. In the field of intelligent home, all sensors of the robot are simulated human body induction system, behavior and response patterns are also simulate the human brain way. You do not need to talk to people who have to complete to convey information and interactive commands by the interaction of the brain and the brain of the robot.