Why smart home “favor” of? Where do bad?

Smart Home was once a hot topic on the market, and detached smart home products have been very good attention. However, beginning in 2016, but this did not bring evidence of increase for the industry, did not last attracted people’s attention. In the end what happened? Smart people hate the old home itself is insufficient or too fast?


Smart home appears shorter, because a period of time many manufacturers are extremely optimistic, we can say also engaged in the art of wind and water, but the user whether to accept, very few people to consider. Currently there are several smart home major drawbacks.

1. there is no uniform standard or platform can integrate a large number of devices. Smart home mostly single product, but the use of technology agreements between the respective different; in addition, a number of manufacturers have to promote their own smart home platform, and are not compatible, users do not understand this, then buy a home of a single product can not be used simultaneously, this will naturally hold bad impression, reduce the use of this. It is not conducive to the popularity of smart home.

2. the high prices. Because smart home products have a certain scientific and technological content, so the selling price will be higher, many users sometimes can not accept.

3. APP too. Almost every smart home products to have their own APP, the user of this product on this APP control. But more types of smart home, when the whole phone is filled with such APP on, I believe the user’s heart will not feel good. And each of the APP will need to learn in order to be successfully used.

4. shipping delays. There are many products before mass production has already begun crowdfunding, crowdfunding in the time after the end of the commitment, the product is not produced, or even reach volume production, allowing users disappointed.

5. is not safe enough. Smart home networking products are required to work, and low safety performance of the network, can easily be compromised, user information may be leaked accidentally.

6. for most smart home product manufacturers have not provided follow-up services for awareness, the product is generally sold after not how to intervene.

In this case, when the manufacturers and pocketed the eye after crowdfunding in profit is not high enough, some put this aside for the time being, while others have been transferred to another battlefield.

To sum up the issue, the smart home industry is currently the biggest problem is the development of industry standards, unified protocol to address the gap in the compatibility and operability to optimize the user experience. At the same time, we must improve the quality of service, allowing users to master the skills as quickly as possible, thus reducing learning costs.

Compared with the living room in an important economic unit, in addition to considering the smart home through data mining and operational capabilities ecological quality content services attendant, also you need to have good interactive user experience, increase user trust.

Smart home products as part of the Internet of Things, have broad prospects for development, the current downturn is the result of temporary market hot rotation, not bleak description of smart home. However, if a company is able to launch this dormant period to produce a blockbuster product, may greatly promote the smart home market forward, there will be more vendors enter the market, the user is actively using the product, perhaps the outbreak of the market It will gradually come.