Smart home have fire and disaster fire safety knowledge and recommendations

Smart Home is a residential platform, using integrated wiring, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology will be integrated facilities relating to home life, build efficient residential facilities and home affairs agenda management system to improve home safety, convenience, comfort, artistry, and to achieve eco-friendly living environment. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, demand for the development of intellectual life, home automation is becoming increasingly popular. But the scorching summer, even if the smart home, but also alerted the home fire safety, fire and disaster.

Electric water heaters to regularly check

According to fire professionals, mostly due to the water heater circuit aging fire caused by short circuit, so when the home use electric water heaters should be regularly checked leakage protection is valid.


1. house wiring shall be grounded;

2. You must use a dedicated outlet and pay attention to water;

3. A water heater with leakage protection plugs may not be used with switch power outlet;

4. Regularly check leakage protection plug “test” button, to ensure the effective leakage protection;

5. Clean the external electric water heater, you should cut off the power, wipe with a soft cloth;

6. The electric water heater maintenance should be professionals.

Range hoods should be regularly removing grease

Not pay attention to routine maintenance such as range hoods, kitchen may become a “killer.” In recent years, fire hoods caused by frequent, mainly due to the backlog of too much grease, in case of fire caused by burning.


1. keep the body outside of the range hood clean after use with a dry cloth or moistened with a mild detergent and a soft cloth to wipe the housing grille;

2. Always check the underside of range hood grease, when the oil cup should be filled up to six points over the waste oil drained in time to avoid overflow in case of fire burning, oil soaked cup can not be cleaned with strongly acidic or alkaline cleaning agents;

3. Never use water directly to wash range hood, to prevent electrical components water;

4. If hoods abnormal situation, should immediately cut off the power, suspended;

5. The range hood on fire, you should cut off the power, the available wet blankets or household fire extinguishers, and promptly call 119 alarm.

TV to sun and lightning

More summer thunderstorms, lightning appliances will fire. Therefore, daily use of sunscreen to do electrical work mine. TV fire is often caused by the following reasons: First, the high pressure discharge fire; second, the quality of electronic components; Third, poor ventilation, causing a short circuit within the high temperature of the fire; the fourth, lightning strikes antenna fire.


1. placed in well-ventilated, dry place, pay attention to moisture, dust, exposure summer do not, do not go near the stove and heating in winter;

2. each TV must have a set of safety control, to plug in good condition;

3. Disconnect the power immediately after the disabled, not more than 5 hours of continuous use;

4. Use outdoor antenna should be the appropriate lightning protection measures;

5. smoke or strange odor, immediately shut off the power.