Smart Home Industry Alliance: Technology matures largest short board is just a lack of need

Recalling 2015, China’s smart home industry gradually assume a large fusion, multi highlights the trend, smart smart single hardware product after another, security, lighting, home, entertainment, intelligent single product, environmental health and other major subsystems in the intelligent under this construction system has also been home integration, intelligent technology products continue to mix and overall innovation in intelligent home systems integration field.

March 19, 2016 China Smart Home Industry Alliance was held in Beijing. Annual Meeting brings together members of the business including the League, including many chip makers, smart home equipment manufacturers, platform operators, solution providers, integrators and service providers, real estate, hotels, and other decorative building materials more than 500 people in the industry, we should work together in 2015 keywords predicted 2016 smart home market trend.

Industrial Alliance Annual Meeting including the relevant leaders to report to work for the “Alliance” topic, technology and industry insiders around “all things Internet, the channel integration” theme keynote speech two links.

  Alliance Development Smart Home

China Smart Home Industry Alliance Secretary-General Zhou Jun to the “Secretariat of the League in 2015 and 2016 Work Summary work plan” to report to work, he noted that in 2015, China Smart Home Industry Alliance construct aimed at reducing the threshold VillaKit integrated technology platform ; improve the integration of all internet and intelligent hardware platforms control Free program; publish a prominent application cost advantage P2C power pulse communication technology; build its first Chinese language intelligent home voice control library; the establishment of the first smart home university personnel training group . At the same time, under the alliance with Jingdong, music, as the national power grid and other line store experience cooperation construction work is in full progress.

By 2015, the new chairman of the Alliance, the governing unit of more than 60 new trained nearly 300 “CSHIA smart home systems engineer,” Alliance member companies break through 700.

China Smart Home Industry Alliance Technology Team Leader, Dr. Wang pointed out that in 2015, the Alliance focused on the introduction of the plan is for the villa VillaKit intelligent products developed integration platform, positioned to meet the needs of high-end integrated project standardization. For docking VillaKit and gateway technology embedded speech technology group, in advancing the process continue to reduce development threshold. And ultimately to the subsystem as a unit, in the form of middleware integration, equipment manufacturers without modification of existing products, and without R & D costs, create value-added services through an integrated soft profit to attract more developers to get involved.

China Smart Home Industry Alliance P2C team leader Li Hui noted that in 2015, the Union issued P2C pulse power communications and control technology, compared to the bus control system, P2C technical solutions without additional wiring, saving wiring and installation costs and for the aftermarket demand intelligent, it has the advantage; compared to the wireless control system, P2C technology to fundamentally solve the single FireWire electronic switch leakage current lead flashing lights fatal flaw, and wireless transmission attenuation and interference problems. At present the technical progress and docking products embedded work is well underway in P2C.

In addition, the conference was also held over the same period the sub-forum ZigBee3.0 Seminars, smart home market channel integration Forum, wisdom Forum estate trends, strategic cooperation ceremony intelligent home universities, under the State Grid smart home mall line store experience activities signing ceremony range of activities.

  Technology and Industry Exchange Smart Home

In the ensuing exchange of technical and industrial aspects, research vice president of HKUST hearing Dr. Wang Zhiguo fly around the “artificial intelligence technology trends and application prospect of smart home” in the theme of sharing, a detailed explanation of the status quo and future applications of artificial intelligence in the smart home potential application areas.

He pointed out that the level of artificial intelligence at this stage “from 1 to N” stage, the machine already has a number of intelligent performance, but mainly human intervention and impart their knowledge and computational brain, lack of deeper and more autonomous level of intelligence. Through revelation by its own history of development of mankind, Wang Zhiguo think AI is also experiencing language and voice-entry “cognitive revolution”, in the form of technical support will be a “no screen, far field, move” and so oriented.

Shao Yang Huawei Terminal Marketing president of consumer strategy for BG ecosystem build smart home market share expansion, build a platform for future perspective of the value of applications from ecosystem Huawei.

WeChat Open Platform Business Unit, senior director of hardware platform WeChat WeChat around the person in charge of Wang Jingui smart home ecosystem expand interpretation, starting from the user experience, sharing micro-channel future ecosystem construction.

Recalling the 2015 domestic smart home industry chain development outcomes in all aspects of technology, hardware, data, etc., as a whole to be more open and more mature direction in, but there are some vulnerabilities, transmission stability, the lack of actual and reasonable just have to wait Obstacles development short board, which will also be the focus of this year’s joint chain.