Smart home requires a new way to interact robot the last key

2013 Google at 60 billion US dollars acquisition of NEXT, a ripple, a lot of people think that the smart home air coming, so in this row of outlet wind off a pig teams, traditional hardware vendors, there Internet companies, there are many wind hook to venture capital. However, the results we have seen, from 2013 to 2015, the smart home industry heat cold outside, Hande industry in full swing, hype, and the ultimate consumer, but this did not care. This gust could not come, so that the pig wants to retreat, smart home seemed to be stalled.

What makes the smart home market tepid, even retrogression Secretary-Family Association, Cai Jinjiang Shenzhen wisdom that “smart home industry in 2013 and 2015 there have been setbacks, because:? On the one hand by such music as millet and other Internet companies spoiler; on the other hand, manufacturers create intelligent home appliances when not effectively guarantee user stickiness while now, and the wisdom of life wisdom demand for services will effectively stimulate industrial upgrading and further breakthrough. “.

Smart home market to educate users not so easy

Of course, in addition to Internet companies spoiler, a development of the industry will be in line with “the development of twists and turns,” the logic, after all, everything in the development process will encounter unforeseen problems, green foxtail technology CEO Qiu Nan explained, “a new industry development, we face the most important thing is to educate users usually educate users, usually through several stages: from the enterprise user education, user education to industry, to educate the user community, and finally to educate users about products generally , the business user education stage is the most painful and most difficult times, mostly in a new industry which, or the ambition to develop a blue ocean businesses, often in business education does not become a pioneer when users have become martyrs . ”

Smart Home is proposed in 2013, it? It seems more than a dozen years ago, Bill Gates put their house into a smart home smart house when it has been proposed, “and then slowly some companies to invest in this industry, and later intelligence Household slowly created their own unique industry, which is the industry to educate users, but user education industry for the emerging industry power is limited, and when the education sector when the user does not mean that technology is fully mature, a lot of time in certain technologies, in fact, we still in the exploratory stage, so until after 2013 Google acquired NEXT, everyone exclaimed the first year of the smart home, the whole society’s attention on this matter instantly improved, but now two years later, and then lift the intelligent home, almost everyone knows how it is, social education phase is complete the user. “Chiu Nan said,” Why has not really smart home together? In fact it is important that we educate users about products from worse that last point. ”

Foxtail technology CEO Qiu Nan

Only new interactive way to be able to make smart home Takeoff

From 2013 to 2015, we see household products gradually become “intelligent”, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, rice cookers have even added a WiFi module, just install the corresponding APP on your phone will be able to achieve Remote Control , millet, Ali even open up through a variety of protocols developed public cloud users can add their own smart home appliances APP, trying to make mobile phones become smart home entrance. Except, of course, as smart phones outside the entrance, there are a variety of dissatisfied voices, some people think may be a light bulb, some people think may be a router, and so on, competing for the smart home entrance war has never stopped, and the smart home has been the wind does not blow up, what is the reason?

Chiu Nan points out, “iPhone revolutionized our interactive smart phones, in fact, advances in technology, more because of the way we interact in promoting progress. We from the keyboard to the mouse, the touch screen. Now, if we want to have a new , the real smart home implementation, interactive revolution will be our most important revolutionary. many domestic enterprises to continue the smart home of the traditional hardware plus after a Wifi module, called the so-called intelligent hardware, intelligent Household items, but this is precisely not push open the market, because it does no real interaction. we think there is a natural way to interact is our language. no, and that we get along better than the language of interaction multi-modal interactions. and such interaction, there is a better than a cell phone carrier, that is ‘robot’. ”

Smart phones really give our lives has undergone enormous changes, smart phones seem to be carrying all of our needs, the needs of tool and entertainment needs, the needs of communication, information access needs, so we started a mobile phone-centered life, filled with all kinds of mobile phone APP, can not wait to life is anchored on the phone, but if the smartphone as the entry of smart home will bring extraordinary experience?

Some people ask the question: Are you on the toilet at night will come up with the phone open bathroom lights yet almost everyone is given a negative answer?. The voice control can make people feel more comfortable and convenient, if your family has a trained robot that can respond to your needs at any time, when you get up at night, when it will take the initiative to help you turn on the bedside light and bathroom, when you thirsty it will take the initiative to you handed him a glass of water when you feel the heat when it will help you to adjust the air conditioning, this is not the quality of your life will greatly improve. There are no such instructions can be executed in the robot it?

I’m smart home exposition scene saw foxtail technology brings robot white son, and experience a spot. White son joins the master database can be executed after the command, such as query broadcast weather, singing, storytelling, to help the owner find the problems, it is simply a live Encyclopedia. It is in the smart home can play what role? Nan Qiu explained, “we can connect through the white son on the router, and then connect to a central control host, the Central Control host and smart socket, lights, air conditioning, television and other single product connect the smart home inside, we will interact divided into three levels: the first level, we call “instruction type interaction”, that is, I give the robot issued a directive in accordance with my idea to do it should do, such as turn on the lights, turn on air-conditioning, open the TV, turn off the lights; the second layer, and we hope that when the robot communication, the robot can better understand us, to understand the context for example, when I told him the volume. bigger, he should be able to adjust according to the context Analyzing TV or stereo. the third layer, in reality, we hope that the robot can truly understand what we mean, really like a housekeeper, “What do you need?”, which needs to have the robot higher IQs, need to have some processing power and memory to remember the owner’s age, interests, hobbies, gender, all habits, when he noted that the initiative does not apply to life to serve you. you do not need to give him more release multi very clear instructions, he put it all to help you do it, this is what we look forward to some of the proposed interaction. to do this well, which we did in the robotics so some of the work. ”

“With further enhance our artificial intelligence technology, with the further improvement of our more multi-modal interaction data, we can do more, not just the future of the world’s Internet + world must be a world of AI + it will come from the connection interact interaction generated by the revolution by the interaction more data, the data to produce more services, this is what we can imagine the future. “Chiu Nan summary.