Why smart home stand still? The root cause lies in what?

Although the smart home products have entered the market for many years, but still did not usher in a growth spurt from the popularity is still a long distance. In Nest example, Google acquired this well-known brand of intelligent home, in addition to its management confusion, product issues are also emerging, such as Dropcam service in the end, smoke detectors and other false alarms. So, the problem underlying the smart home market what is?

Installation problems and glitches

First, the user intention to buy smart home products naturally make life easier, such as smart sockets, door locks, thermostats these products, the most intuitive experience is that you do not stand up and lift to open the switch or adjust them, you can use the phone do it. However, if the installation, commissioning threshold of a product is too high, users will no doubt get in the door. At least for now, a lot of smart locks, thermostats, users need to hire specialized installers to achieve the installation, very troublesome. Of course, users also need to take into account before buying varying standards.

Second, even if the trouble many users installed the device, but found that it does not always work correctly. Such as Nest, Samsung and other major brands, often appear unable to connect, false positives and other faults, for security cameras or alarms and other types of equipment, this failure is undoubtedly very deadly, user difficult situation occurs frequently continue to use.

Feature exaggerated or tasteless

Another effect of the popularity of smart home devices reason is the actual availability. Things is a great technology that allows all devices to access the Internet, to achieve unified management and operation, but the problem is that not all devices need an Internet connection, or that the network is not the only form of intelligence. For example, a washing machine built WIFI, laundry can be remote, the problem is, you at least need to put clothes in the washing machine, right? This feature, feels just like a gimmick forced selling, and can not really change the quality of people’s lives.

Alexa sprung up everywhere but limited role

Market research found that Amazon and Alexa Echo voice assistant, after the introduction of increasingly popular, rather the market prospects. But also with a view, Alexa is “red herring” (shift the focus fallacy), because it does not really have a specific effect of the product, its value lies in the “Search”, “servo Speech Recognition” and “artificial intelligence” . But at the moment, Echo reflects a broad compatibility of equipment control value, which is a good direction, but how to improve their own equipment availability, limited help.

Challenges facing the smart home

All the smart home makers are actually faced with a fundamental question: how to allow users pocket, which is actually a more complicated issue. In summary, a simple device such as a smart sockets, etc., should focus on stability, compatibility, etc., and then develop a suitable price; and high-end products, you should ensure stability at the same time, the depth of mining user needs avoid gimmicks of, impress users through more innovative technologies, in order to obtain longer-term development.