Smart home three misunderstanding: the smart home smart appliances are not equal

In the traditional home to a certain extent, people turned to look at the field of intelligent home. Hear more inevitably there will be doubts, in the end what is smart home? Smart TV, smart home smart electric rice cooker which is it?

From Baidu Encyclopedia explanation is this:

Smart Home (smart home, home automation) is a residential platform, using integrated wiring, network communications, security, automatic control, audio and video will be integrated facilities relating to home life, build efficient residential facilities and home affairs agenda management system improve home safety, convenience, comfort, artistry, and to achieve eco-friendly living environment.

As can be seen from the introduction, smart home is not to say all put the house on the line of smart products. For this is the development of smart home products, there are a lot of people misunderstanding.

1. there is the smart home smart appliances?

Many home appliance manufacturers in the marketing of the time, deliberately played smart home brand, to create a “smart home smart appliances equal” mentality, to promote consumption. In fact, this is a very big misunderstanding.

Essence smart appliances or appliances, only a part of the smart home platform, or intelligent terminals, such as washing machines, refrigerators, etc., or control platform, such as smart TVs and other companies can not “elephant.” The Smart Home is a platform, which itself is an intelligent control system. On this platform, all appliances, windows and doors can be remotely controlled switches, intelligent application experience, according to the user’s custom settings, perform various intelligent control, this is the real smart home.

If you do not recognize this, it is easy to be some home appliances manufacturers “Fudge.” Consumers in the choice of products and brands, be sure not to be called “intelligent” word of some appliance manufacturers confused and misled. The horse may not necessarily be the prince.

2. you can control is the intelligent smart home?

Moment, “smart” is a very fiery words, especially with the strong rise of the mobile Internet, it seems now that all products must be intelligent and linked together, or else are “ashamed to see people.” Especially in the field of intelligent home, some businesses put the intelligent control “Fudge” a smart home, so we thought that if intelligent control, is the smart home.

In fact, this is one-sided argument. Intelligent home intelligent control needs, but merely intelligent control, is not enough to constitute a smart home. On the one hand, further comprising a smart home security systems; on the other hand, intelligent home control more diversified and convenient, many functions can be implemented using tablet, phone to control.

3. APP is a smart home feast of chicken?

This view even two years ago there was in the field of intelligent home APP momentum is strong, we proposed to control the phone really is tasteless people skeptical and very fresh. Why Smart Home APP tasteless say?

To sum up, can be divided into two ideas: First, on the front of sweeping that open the door, turn off the lights and other little things also use the phone to operate, it is big trouble, as a direct hand; secondly, the future unlimited imagination, think the real smart home should not need people to operate, as long as the user wants, the device will run the like.

If the person at the door or switch your phone to operate was a little hypocritical, coming home devices to control everything with the idea is not impossible, but only thus finds the phone controls are also a bit sad too arbitrary.

In fact, mobility, flexibility and visualization features of APP smart home control, smart home just to make more user stickiness, at least for now more popular with users of remote monitoring cell phone is simply unavoidable.