Smart home WiFi module is a trap or an opportunity

Smart home is a big cake, prospects, potential, rapid development in recent years. “2012–2020 China’s smart home market trends and investment opportunities analysis” shows that from 2006 to 2011, the annual average growth rate of the smart home market is 20%, is expected in 2012 to 2020, the annual growth rate will reach about 25 percent, by 2020 the market will reach 357.6 billion yuan.

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However, have to say is that although the emerging smart home industry is a new opportunity, but also on the traditional vendors formed a huge impact, the first is the home appliance manufacturers, door manufacturers, lighting manufacturers and other traditional household equipment manufacturers business, they need to find their own way to survive, to achieve the transformation and upgrading, or is likely to soon “after being shot dead in the waves on the beach.”

Road transition easier said than done, the upgrading of the road where is that? WiFi module is that some vendors of smart home (WiFi module provider) gives the “magic bullet” that can save the traditional vendors in dire straits “panacea” or even provide free “panacea.”

“WiFi module, also known as WiFi serial module, belonging to the transport layer of things, the function is converted to TTL level serial port or WiFi wireless network in line with standard embedded modules, built-in wireless networking protocol protocol stack and TCP / IP protocol stack, traditional hardware embedded WiFi module can be directly connected to the Internet use of WiFi is an important part of wireless smart home, M2M and other networking applications. “From this analysis, it is possible to provide free WiFi module for the traditional vendors in do “more than building a seven Buddha,” the great cause of.

Unfortunately, the sky will not fall pie eat free, stoned people can only swap pie. This “magic bullet” really capable of “life-saving” it? Indeed to some extent, but not free. Last generation neither save the galaxy, nor save the planet, how good can a free fall to us? “Is usually the most expensive free”, the price eventually could be bigger.

On the surface, ultra-low-cost or simply send a free WiFi module to provide traditional vendors in the “par to Bethune,” but actually more likely to bloodshed, “panacea” may also be imperceptibly slowly erode the body’s “drug . ” Therefore, the traditional vendors, before the WiFi module is selected, there is a right to know the smart home lethal hazards of WiFi module may be buried.

WiFi module will have fatal risks? Provided by third parties, particularly in intelligence to provide free home WiFi module is so.

Implanted in the conventional apparatus, WiFi module so that the traditional equipment is no longer tradition, at least connected to the Internet via mobile phones App allows users to control, but the traditional equipment in the hands of traditional vendors, eat a “magic bullet” of traditional equipment Who controls it? In the hands of the end user did not enter, perhaps by the rise of the level of traditional vendors control, into the home after not necessarily so.

In fact, WiFi module providers throughout the implanted device holds WiFi module of control, it can be upgraded to improve back online, and get user data and information virtually. These ordinary users Not a problem, after all, any smart device, phone or computer operating systems and other networking will collect user information, as long as security measures and have product manufacturers to no harm, but is very dangerous in terms of the traditional vendors.

Claiming to provide intelligent ultra-cheap or free home manufacturers and different from traditional vendors WiFi module that the latter is in the sale of traditional equipment, while the former is based on the promotion of traditional equipment for the carrier module, that is a long-range detection, operation and implementation equipment online upgrade capability. In other words, smart home WiFi module providers actually control either sold out slowly after the hardware, you can get something with greater value – user data. Further, conventional equipment manufacturers from selling products not in, but for the smart home WiFi module provider “working.”

Of course, but the thing is having more serious possibility is that the reversal of a relationship. Free WiFi module intelligent home provider is a minor partner status, on the surface of the device is also provided value-added space for the traditional equipment manufacturers, but when the time comes, the traditional equipment vendors may become irrelevant in the process, eventually bow out.

WiFi module itself is not dangerous, it will be very popular. But now back to think again, free WiFi module in the end be considered smart home “panacea” it, or you can kill the intangible “drugs”? The answer hearts of the people.