Smart white market with low penetration behind the commercial quagmire

He praised, for the past few years we commonly acknowledged intelligent appliances. What is the reason, the key is the application of intelligent home appliances, Experience feature has not been fully exploited and released.

Recently, in the 2015 annual report of the three giant white, the development of smart appliances into one of the highlights of the year. But with smart TV, smart white penetration is very low, the price is higher.

According to the PRC, the data show that the smart TV in October 2015 has reached 76%, an increase of nearly 30 percentage points higher than in 2013. But all kinds of smart white retail penetration is very low, where air conditioning is 6.8%, 3.7% refrigerators, washing machines 5.2%.

In the 2015 annual report of the Big Three, only referred to the last white Haier intelligent sales: 2015 sales to achieve 2.1 million units, up 169%; Haier U + APP since April 2015 formally launched, the cumulative user the number of over 10 million, over one million active users, but the volume of 2.1 million units for the whole industry is still small.

Since the emergence of smart appliances so far has been four or five years, but low permeability, mainly because of experience and reasonable prices, good experience, harmonization of standards and ecological construction in which four threshold. However, the price and experience in the industry makes it easy to cross, but the standard is required and ecological construction industry chain collaboration requires a more lengthy process.

Among white category, the smart refrigerator can be a breakthrough in smart white. 2016 1 to 2 months, retail sales share of smart refrigerator 9.0% market share in all categories in faster-growing category. Meanwhile, the refrigerator is white with user interaction highest number of products, with the popularity of intelligent advantage of the conditions.

Price, experience, standards and ecosystem as a constraint to the development of intelligent white four major mountains, settled to the client is the smart white gimmick high over the user experience, so consumers do not buy it.

But it is undeniable that the Chinese smart appliances have entered the market introduction phase, with the popularity of the manufacturing cost of smart appliances will quickly reduce the technology matures and products, and in the end the price will be more consumers to accept.

Meanwhile, the state is also standard for the level of development of smart appliances to pave the way. Have been revealed at the time of March, in the wisdom of home industry’s first national standards expected to be released in June this year, the standard covers the system architecture and the use of models of home appliances, home appliance interface specification, home appliances description, appliance of public instruction, conformance testing appliances and other five items, from all aspects of interfaces, protocols and technology chips to form a unified standard.

Chinese home appliance industry in the L-shaped development trend, the smart bear the upgrading of industrial structure, to meet user demand for higher responsibility, now almost all household electrical appliance enterprises are in force intelligence, including intelligence technology upgrades and ecosystem structures , is currently working with electricity providers, video, music and other resources has formed a preliminary alliance.

In this year’s outlook, the Big Three are also, without exception, mentioned the development of smart home. Gree smart home layout represents large data centers to strengthen the smart home building products and systems research and development efforts. The United States pledged to further implement the wisdom home and smart manufacturing strategy. Haier also said the wisdom of life focusing U + platform and interconnected factories and customization platform, construction of the wisdom of life experience to create a win-win scenario for business platform to build factories interconnected ecosystem.

PRC, according to estimates data, if the smart white goods market share of over 20% is a big transition point, leading to 20% of the road in the end how long it takes, which requires industries and enterprises to work together.