Smarter healthcare big data crucial to the future

There is still the Internet in public hospitals the medical industry monopoly, lack of medical insurance payments, lack of data sharing among hospitals and many other problems to be solved, the Internet is still a long way to go to medical.

Doctors Community tools to APP, for example, by Unicorn Studios April survey found that doubts about the official data, the number of users of the official APP released some even twice the number of downloads. In addition, doctors in the community, the top 1% of customers contribute 35% -50% post top 5% of users contribute 50% to 75% of the posts. This means that the vast majority of users, although real registered users but very active. Therefore, follow-up by the community to electricity providers, health care transformation practical difficulties.

Second, China Mobile medical category APP homogeneity is very serious. Unicorn Studios on the market by more than 1,200 models of mobile medical APP survey found that more than three-quarters of APP do three things: First, the network interrogation, the second is paid or accompany registered clinic, the third It is a chronic disease management. US mobile medical control class APP, can be divided into: online inquiry, the doctor-to-door, chronic disease management, community physicians, patient communities, medical data visualization, doctor’s appointment, medical services parity, tumor cloud decision-making platform, medication tracker, surgery after administration, a plurality of electron cloud categories of cases, the hospital mobile communications programs, and distributed evenly little push bar phenomenon. By contrast, Liu Qian that China’s Internet entrepreneurs highly similar medical and technical content is not high, “if most of the APP are only three things above, then most of them are not live.”

Third, the lack of health care payers Internet. Patients do not want to pay, the hospital did not pay for the habit, doctors are not only enter, then who will pay for the service? Insurance, commercial insurance, it seems you can actually have a certain distance.

Unicorn Studios in the past year study of more than 150 medical projects in the Internet, a quarter to one-third of the project has disappeared. The reason is that for the product is in fact false pain point, or is it to imagine the user pain points, in addition to the project technical difficulty, giant crush, burn too fast, with no profit, the direction of wavering, team infighting and other problems.

Liu Qian suggested that due to the low frequency of medical difficult to change, and therefore can not copy the Internet Internet medical methods; simple to do electronic business platform, a large closed-loop product substantially closed window, entrepreneurial success rate is low; big cities, large hospitals, large medical expert is not the Internet the main battlefield; disapproval pharmaceutical or medical device companies do mobile; online and can not constitute medical closed-loop linear asset-heavy slow development, difficult to consider how to get through online and offline; medical Internet company to do is dig deep , wide grain, slow kings.

Compared to other areas of health care is just the beginning of China’s Internet, the Internet health care financing in 2015, but 1.8 billion dollars, but the taxi drops round of financing. Liu Qian predict the next five years the medical profession has the following major trends:

The top three hospitals will not waver in the features sections of the advantages of major diseases

Private hospitals and doctors groups will appear in large numbers of medical service departments

Commercial health insurance has not yet become mainstream

Primary medical patient numbers rise, slowly lift the clinical level

Hospital drugs and medical devices to reduce the size of the rebate, increase the proportion of revenue from medical

In response to these trends, Liu Qian believes that the Internet in China to achieve medical explosive growth, also we need to have basis in three areas: The first three doctors more practice exceeds 20%, the second commercial insurance health spending accounted for more than 5% more than 30% of the top three hospitals open a third structured data. Liu Qian: “This is the basis of three conditions be explosive growth of the Internet health are indispensable.”