SOC wifi module manufacturers of smart home trend has become a crisis

From fragmentation to integration of the three core market trend fade

The traditional three-core solutions were also provided to developers to bring greater technical and time costs, in order to reduce the difficulty and save developers time to wrap up the WiFi software part, leaving a simple software interface that simplifies developers step operation is desirable. Based on this, forward-looking companies use a combination of three chips, the establishment of a separate set of problems development package, great integration between the internal modules.

This trend is not groundless, in fact, from 2014 onwards, many manufacturers began to introduce dedicated to the networking industry’s SOC single chip solution, and released almost at the same time, just a few months time, there have been no less than about 4.8 The SOC program: for example MTK7681 MediaTek, Qualcomm QCA4004, TI’s CC3200 and domestic joint Sidley, new shoreline Rockchip like. The SOC program with excellent RF performance, built-in high-performance processors, the volume is extremely narrow, more importantly, all the hardware and software resources are fully open. Therefore, the market given its positive response, based on customer feedback and surveys, 90 percent of factories have customers transition to a single-chip SOC, and nearly half of the customers have begun to SOC WIFI module or chip replaces the previous triple a discrete way. These advances for traditional networking solutions company as a whole is a huge impact, because the newborn SOC solutions in marketing and technical aspects of traditional vendors have a greater conflict and confrontation, which means that the previous era will move toward ending .

In the author’s familiar domestic chip Lexin example, compared with the traditional program, which launched in 2014 ESP8266 chips in terms of performance for the QFN32 package, the internal CPU clock speed up to 160MHZ, the more powerful is that it can run operating FREERTOS system, while the temperature can reach 40 degrees, the high temperature +120 degrees industrial grade standards; in terms of volume, the program is only a quarter of the volume of the traditional program, and use only the original seven peripherals, significantly lower than the general manufacturers need 30 -40 points level, reduce non-performing rate of production; In addition, the maintenance team of 150 people, is completely open to provide a solid guarantee. After a year of development, the product peak monthly shipments of one million, the next six months the peak shipments will reach 300-500 million.

SOC WiFi market arrival of low-cost, precision of the landing leading smart home era

Of course, just not enough to lead to technological breakthroughs smart home ground, the need to significantly reduce the cost. Higher technically By comparison, the cost of using the traditional program modules, and the use of superior performance SOC solutions, the cost can be reduced to about 9 yuan, that is, an increase of 9 yuan electronic products simply can immediately change costs as an intelligent networking equipment. Therefore, SOC WiFi chip and the arrival of low-cost, before things really marks the arrival of the era of smart home. Driven by the popularity of low-cost market, it will make the smart home market demand expanded more than 10 times.

images of CC3200 wifi module

Specializing in surgery, smart home market has gradually begun to refine. Tazhun trend SOC WiFi chips, modules, Chi program vendors lay in the traditional industries, at low cost, fine win market, and actively build an open ecosystem. As mentioned above, after the introduction of Lexin ESP8266 chips, Shenzhen Shun Technology Co. Ltd. can be started with the music Xin form a strategic partnership, based on comprehensive promotion ESP8266 modules, a global 300 000 development team, and WiFi module Prices pulled from the average price of 40 yuan 10 yuan, currently about 9 yuan modules have been commercialized and stable shipments. According future strategy, Shun Technology WiFi module can be reduced to about $ 1, and the Pearl River Delta Yangtze River Delta prepare 50 technical support team, to meet the upcoming smart home industry storm. In addition, EMC introduced a smart home can be in control, intelligent lighting and WiFi intelligent information terminal three explosion models, from the perspective of market education in the field of intelligent home fine test the water.

SOC WiFi trend has been formed, but all led by the market, all kinds of networking solutions provider can pinpoint their location, jointly contribute to the grass-roots force for the impending market. Not the strongest, only stronger, Internet + intelligent hardware under the thinking probably not routinely play, always ready to meet the market challenge it.